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Fate By: Willsaber [E]
Welcome to my very first submission to MFGG, and one of my very first games entirely. I wanted to get my feet wet in fangaming, but not just make another generic Hello clone or joke game, so I looked back at a very underrated fangame called, “Redemption” ...
Downloads: 5063 Comments: 7 [NEW] Score: 5.5 / 10
Added: 06/10/14
Collect 'Em All By: Mors
This is my entry for Minigame Competition 2014 #1. In this game you're trying to find 8 purple coins.
Downloads: 2357 Comments: 3 [NEW] Score: 5 / 10
Added: 06/09/14
Super Mario 2D Land Demo By: moonrat
Whazzat? Moonrat makin' a game, THE WORLD IS ENDIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyways, I've submitted this demo for some criticism to help the development of this game.
Downloads: 2599 Comments: 17 [NEW] Score: 3 / 10
Added: 06/07/14
Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs [DEMO 4] By: WreckingGoomba, LSF Games, smithuser, MarioMan564, Pyro [W]
Demo 4 is finally there! It contains the whole 4th world and a lot of other new features. I also added a separate music pack. This gives you WAV music files for the full experience (they sound way better than the MIDIs and are made by our composer Benjamin/smithuser). ...
Downloads: 2976 Comments: 8 [NEW] Score: 8.5 / 10
Added: 05/21/14
Luigi's Island By: skisbit [W]
This is the demo for an upcoming game, Luigi's Island!

The demo contains six levels, each with a new element and a unique touch, a theme that I would like to keep throughout the whole game.

Therefore I would be glad to hear ...
Downloads: 2023 Comments: 15 [NEW] Score: 6.2 / 10
Added: 05/19/14
Super Mario Attack of the Fangamers (Part 2) By: Pickleboy
Mario is still trapped in awesomeface's game, this time in the sequel of the "Miraculous Boss Battles" game. Will Mario be able to relive the nightmare that once haunted him in the past and survive?

SHIFT = jump
Downloads: 1763 Comments: 18 [NEW] Score: 5 / 10
Added: 05/07/14
Super Mario - Turd Feast 3 By: Hypernova [E] [W]
My final installation of Turd Feast series. Have fun puking!
Downloads: 3075 Comments: 9 [NEW] Score: 5.7 / 10
Added: 04/29/14
Mario Breakout Deluxe By: lu9 [W]
Yes, I updated this game. It is still not my best works, I lost motivation to continue this, so I scrapped. Yet, almost everything is here, so, consider it the final game.
Downloads: 1695 Comments: 5 [NEW] Score: 6.5 / 10
Added: 04/28/14
Super Mario Bros. Dimensions (Demo 2) By: LangtonLion64
This is the second demo of a game I am working on, previously named Super Mario Bros. 4. This new demo comes with World 2 and World 3 (on top of World 1), several fixes with the dimension switching gimmick, additional powerups, OGG files instead of MP3 ...
Downloads: 1930 Comments: 11 [NEW] Score: 7.7 / 10
Added: 04/26/14
My entry for Minigame Competition 2014 #1!
A bunch of Goombas and Toads fell asleep in your castle! Wake up the Goombas, but let the Toads fall in the lava! Beware of Gordos, Podoboos, Bob-ombs, Bullet Bills, and Thwomps! Online highscores!
Downloads: 2089 Comments: 7 [NEW] Score: 7 / 10
Added: 04/22/14
Mario vs the Koopas Remix By: Castor
My second game about Mario's battle with the Koopas.

[Down key]=Spin
Downloads: 7355 Comments: 10 [NEW] Score: 6.8 / 10
Added: 04/20/14
Super Wario 5 WIP Demo By: WwwWario [W]
"Ugh, not again! Scared to death while sleeping this year, too! Some meteor-thingy crashed into a mine, and two Toads want me to check it out for 'em. I bring the meteor home, hoping I can get a bunch of hamburgers for it. But without me knowing ...
Downloads: 1778 Comments: 15 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 04/17/14
Super Luigi Country By: Kablamooie
Remember the nineties, when fan games were weird? Super Luigi Country seeks to bring back that magic with a dash of platforming insanity. Overcome twenty levels, battle big bosses, and rock out to a MIDI soundtrack on your quest to rescue Princess Peach.
Downloads: 3376 Comments: 17 [NEW] Score: 6 / 10
Added: 04/17/14
Yoshi Dash DX By: Mors
Do you remember Yoshi Dash? This is an extended version of that game.
You are a Yoshi. And Toadies are trying to kill you! You have to run for your life!
Controls: Press left mouse button to shoot and right mouse button to jump.
Downloads: 1414 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: 3 / 10
Added: 03/16/14
Luigi and the Quest for Nothing - Enhanced By: lu9 [W]
Here's the REAL Final Version! Guide Luigi in the new and remastered version of Luigi and the Quest for Nothing! You also get to play 5 Mini-Games! Have Fun!

Downloads: 4208 Comments: 22 [NEW] Score: 6 / 10
Added: 03/13/14
Super Mario Trapped under snow By: LSF Games [W]
This is my newest winter-themed game! It's a platformer! And this time, Bowser is testing his latest weapon on Mario! SNOW!

Shift: Jump
Control: Run
left & right: move
enter: skip cutscenes and enter levels
(please ...
Downloads: 3193 Comments: 16 [NEW] Score: 6 / 10
Added: 02/20/14
Super Mario Broz. Lost 2 By: JomasterII
Somewhere, deep in the Nintendo office, Satoru Iwata found a beta for a lost Mario game called Super Mario Broz. Lost 2.
He played it and found why Nintendo wanted to forget about it.

This is a parody fangame, which is only a demo currently. ...
Downloads: 1664 Comments: 13 [NEW] Score: 4 / 10
Added: 02/18/14
Super Mario Bros: Odyssey (Ch1) By: smbmaster99 [W]
Super Mario Bros Odyssey Ch.1 is a retelling of the very first Super Mario Bros game, with cutscenes, new sprites, original levels, unlockable skin-sets and levels, and a few characters and items from future Mario games. "Odyssey" is going ...
Downloads: 38562 Comments: 84 [NEW] Score: 8.9 / 10
Added: 02/09/14
Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs [DEMO 3] By: LSF Games, Wrecking Goomba, Pyro, smithuser [W]
SMEO came to a new demo! It has now a whole new world added! Also, there's a brand-new online multiplayer feature! You can visit all of the levels together by simply logging in and then you'll see people online! The team consists of Wrecking ...
Downloads: 1544 Comments: 20 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 02/08/14
Marios' Tiki Madness 1.1 By: LSF Games [W]
This is the winner of the minigame competition #40! I decided to update it and upload it here, since I've fixed all the bugs that there were. The goal of this minigame is easy to understand: Destroy all of the Tikis in the game.
You have been ...
Downloads: 1595 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: 4.5 / 10
Added: 01/17/14
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