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[DL] Pac-Man Arcade-accurate NES tilemap By: emi
A simple tilemap including all elements that are in Pac-Man, organized to fit the NES' restrictions.

No credit or permission needed.
Downloads: 1116
Added: 08/01/20
[DL] SM64 + iQue health meter rips By: emi
A few rips from SM64's health meter, including the health meter from the chinese version (iQue).
No credit/permission needed.
Downloads: 1221
Added: 07/22/20
[DL] SM64 Pre-Release texture recreations By: emi
SM64 texture recreations, including textures from objects, level/map textures and HUD icons from various pre-release versions of the game

[This is the final version of the sheet!! this was last updated in 2020/2021 and I no longer have interest ...
Downloads: 6492
Added: 07/18/20
[DL] SMW2 Yoshi (Most Complete Rip) By: emi
Decided to start this a few days ago, well here it is. Give credit if used, don't steal; use common sense, pretty much. Also please tell me if I'm missing poses. I noticed I'm missing Full Dizzy Yoshi so I'll try to add that in for next ...
Downloads: 1915
Added: 06/01/20
[DL] SMB1 Prerelease Sprites (Recreated) By: emi
Don't know what this could be useful for, but I've made a spritesheet that pretty much has recreations of the development or pre-release sprites that were shown in very old footage. This is as accurate as I could get, which is fairly better to ...
Downloads: 2576
Added: 05/14/20
[DL] small Mario with powerups [SMB3] By: emi, 125scratch
smb3 small mario with all of the powerups!!!!
i dont know what you would possibly use this for but give credit i guess

credit to 125scratch (and superjustinbros on thumbnail) for the new smb3 sprite sheets

(10/27/22) happy ...
Downloads: 4624
Added: 10/27/16
[DL] NSMB Small Mario & Misc. By: emi
FINALLY, a proper small Mario sheet with tons of animations and poses.
Including Mega Mario, and some other stuff!

Ripped by SuperInky
Give credit if used.
Downloads: 5044
Added: 10/13/16
[DL] NSMB Styled Carrying By: emi
Finally, a sheet where NSMB Mario can carry veegies!

Credit to LarryInc64 for NSMB Mario.
Give credit to both if used!

I will soon update the sheet with:
·More Turnips
Downloads: 3661
Added: 10/08/16
[DL] SMAS Styled Skinny Mario & Luigi By: emi
Here, my first submission on MFGG.

Theres Skinny Mario n' Skinny Luigi fitting in SMAS SMB1 style.

Special thanks:
Techokami for ripping original Mario and Luigi.
D-Dazzle for the font in thumbnail and sprite sheet.
Downloads: 3803
Added: 07/29/16
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