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[DL] Super Mario Bros. Gameboy'd (Mostly) By: AidenWasHere [E]
Now this is a big one! It's got enemies, tiles, items, and Mario, of course! It doesn't have any bosses, but if you make a fangame with this I'm sure you have bosses you want to add that you can make.
Also, this couldn't fit on ...
Downloads: 975
Added: 07/28/22
[DL] Super Mario Bros. NES/Mario Maker Small Mario enhanced-ish By: Francis T. Toad, Random Talking Bush [E]
I did another one! This took me like an hour to do and it was mostly extending the running animation. So anyway, yeah. More animations and stuff. Huge credits to Random Talking Bush for the original Mario sprite. Also, I'm a lazy little Toad and ...
Downloads: 1193
Added: 07/17/22
[DL] Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga-Style Paper Mario By: AidenWasHere [E]
My first submission! Hurrah! It's Paper Mario in the style of the hit RPG for the GBA, Mario & Luigi, Superstar Saga! There are some basic animations, plus a hammer. It also comes in separated parts, for you cunning animators out there.

Downloads: 809
Added: 06/18/22
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