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Game Reviewed Mario Wreck 2, by Frogjester
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 29 2022, 2:44 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It sure is a wreck ha ha ha ha ha
Pros + Using various underused characters as bosses is neat
+ Concepts like vegetables and the Poltergust are theoretically neat
Cons - Almost everything about the gameplay was designed in a top-secret lab to be as aggravating as humanly possible
- Mario's voice is really annoying too
1 / 10
I have played a LOT of fan games, and the fact that this is the first one that made me genuinely angry should tell you everything that needs to be said. There's practically nothing about this game that isn't completely broken in some way. I'd love to explain some of the glitches I encountered, but I genuinely don't even know how to. For example, if you grab throwables (vegetables, keys, bombs etc.), they will sometimes randomly teleport you into a pit. Why? Who even knows.

Most of the levels consist of random things strewn around with little care for how well they'll actually play. If you try to land on two enemies at once, you'll die, which is probably why there are multiple enemies walking next to each other EVERYWHERE. The boss battles are either ridiculously easy or completely nonsensical. There are quite possibly over a hundred distinct bugs and glitches in the game, one of the most fun being "getting stuck in the walls". The only reason I could even continue at one point is because I could just barely grab a bomb which teleported me out of being stuck. That's right, I beat a glitch by using another glitch. Beautiful. Just... beautiful.

Basically, everything about this game made me upset and it's bad. Don't play it for your own good.
6 / 10
Some of them are alright and some of them are a bit ugly. There's nothing egregiously horrible, but the general look isn't very appealing.
3 / 10
Most of the soundtrack consists of poor, overly loud midi renditions of the same tracks you've heard five dozen times. Unlike other games, however, this one has some 'special sauce': sometimes, when you start a level, the midi might be extremely fast or out of tune. I don't know why, and I didn't even know midis could do that, but it sure is something.

The sound effects are otherwise decent, but Mario's voice clips are beyond aggravating. I want to rip that little ravioli muncher's vocal chords out.
Final Words
1 / 10
Don't play this. Just... don't.

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