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[DL] 3D land Beep Beat Blocks in SMB3 NES style By: LonelySoul1107
Based on the tiles that activate with the beat in levels 6-4, S3-5, and S7-2 of Super Mario 3D Land, also, expect more 3D Land stuff coming soon.
Animated Examples:
Downloads: 1089
Added: 05/26/22
[DL] Smb3 Switch Tileset (of sorts) By: LonelySoul1107
A tileset that turns on or off based on the big switches in SMW. Also includes said switches, blocks, coins, and an edited P-block and on/off blocks from SMM2
Downloads: 1105
Added: 04/06/22
[DL] Rosalina, SMB3 Style, Part 1 By: LonelySoul1107
Based on AwesomeZack's design, part 1 is Small, Super, Fire, Ice, Superball (SMM2), Superball (Unimaker), and Diamond Rosalina in SMB3, For a late mother's day gift.
Downloads: 1751
Added: 05/11/21
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