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Ever tried to run a game made with Klik & Play (such as Mario & Yoshi), but your computer said it can't find "KNPS.DLL" and "KNPG.DLL"? Worry no more, because you have just found those DLLs here!

All you have to do is extract them to either C:\Windows (if you run Windows XP or earlier, maybe extract them to WindowsSystem32 instead) or the same directory as the game, and presto! You can now properly experience some of the games made when MFGG was getting started and also those created before MFGG was even conceived, all of which have screen-sized levels and classic fangaming magic!

NOTE: Klik & Play is a 16-bit program, and so are the games made with it. Windows can only run 16-bit programs if the system itself is either 16-bit or 32-bit. These DLLs will not help at all if you only have a 64-bit Windows machine.

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Feb 23 2020, 11:53 PM
If all else fails, these games are pretty un-resource intensive, so you could go into unnecessary territory and rig up a virtual machine to play them (like I did). There really aren't enough old fangames on the site that are 16-bit only to justify doing this, but it was primarily a goal of insanity that brought me to that solution, rather than anything reasonable.
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