Happy 35th Anniversary, Super Mario Bros!
Sep 4 2020, 7:14 PM

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Yesterday, Super Mario Bros turned 35 years and to celebrate, Nintendo published a direct announcing new Mario stuff.

What is the thing you liked more from the direct?

Ah yes, I can't forget about the new resources

Recent Additions
Super Mario Maker 2 - SMW Mountain Theme By Paper
SMB3 - SMW Moveset Custom By Linkstorm Z
SMK-Styled Bob-Omb Substitute Spritesheet By MegaToon1234
Custom Mario Sprites By ThatOneUniqueToad
Textbox Assets n' Stuff By onetoothpig
Background Desert SMB3 - Style SMW By 4NDR3S CR4CK
Classic Mario By Amine Retro
SMW - Alt Athletic Tileset By Linkstorm Z
Paper Mario (SMB-NES style) By Nasho
SMAS SMB1 Expanded Snow Tileset By SuperSledgeBro
Huckit Crab - Miscellaneous Super Mario Bros. Styles By SubPixelGamer
Paper Luigi (SMB NES style) By Nasho
Cheering Toads (UPDATED) By Cosix101
SMW Expanded Pipes By Theopold, VIIPER
Balloons - In many Mario Styles By TheSpritingCircle
SMB2 - IceCave Tileset By Linkstorm Z
Custom/edited goombas style smb3 smas By Angel3624
SMW - Font and Custom Icons By Victor ManuelMR

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