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[DL] SMB1 SNES Beach Tileset By: TomAndTheCats, MysticalGnocchi3264X [W]
You can't have a Mario beach tileset without both grassy rocks and sand! The rock part of this tileset was made by me, and it's based off of New Super Mario Bros. Wii's beach tileset. The sand part was originally by MysticalGnocchi3264X. ...
Downloads: 898
Added: 10/15/23
[DL] SMB1 SNES Grass Tileset By: TomAndTheCats [W]
I was making a tileset for a game when I thought to myself, "Mamma mia, I've never found a really good SMB1 SNES grass tileset online. How about I just submit the one I'm using?"

This tileset is an amalgamation of a couple ...
Downloads: 1632
Added: 06/18/22
[DL] SMB1 SNES Backgrounds (Night) By: TomAndTheCats, SuperSledgeBro [W]
This is the second part of my SMM2 backgrounds, reimagined to be in the Super Mario All-Stars style. I made some backgrounds based off of the NES night backgrounds, especially the Ghost House theme. I also based the Underwater and Castle themes off of ...
Downloads: 1451
Added: 05/29/22
[DL] SMB1 SNES All Players By: TomAndTheCats [W]
I think all those tears that were shed were worth it.

This is an improved version of some SMB1 SNES player sprites I made a while ago (not on this account), including palettes, more Kuribo Shoe and Dry Bones Shell animations, the inferior ...
Downloads: 3009
Added: 05/06/22
[DL] SMB1 SNES Backgrounds (Day) By: TomAndTheCats, SuperSledgeBro [W]
This is a spritesheet of what SuperSledgeBro's ripped/custom SMB1 SNES backgrounds might have looked like in Super Mario Maker 2. I also got some inspiration from the version that DryBones512 and Valtteri made. I had submitted this sheet before, ...
Downloads: 1767
Added: 03/30/22
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