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Why Bowser is Blue?
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Quote (render8 on Dec 1 2016, 3:18 AM)
Yeah, that warp pipe in 1-2 was an unfortunate thing. i didn't notice the comment above about it, otherwise I would have avoided it, but found out you couldn't go down it and still had 250 seconds on the clock to go. :(

I'll have to play more in depth but so far it seems fairly descent. Controls aren't really anything to write home about though.

No variable jump height made it a little hard to get a flow going since you could only jump one height all the time. Also, it would be nice to keep momentum going in the air when you are walking and jump. Once you make the jump and stop pushing left or right, Mario just dead stops and drops straight down, which could lead to some unfortunate deaths especially if you're trying to clear a pit and not aware of this fact.

Also, adding some sliding while crouching would be nice too, so you could slide under some walls. There was a spot in 1-2 that would would have been nice to do that since I lost the koopa that was supposed to be used to break some bricks and I couldn't slide/duck under the spot. It was close to the beginning.

Keep at it though. Could be good if you fix some of the controls/physics.

I assume this was a Fusion game?

Yes its a CF2.5 game
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Quote (CM30 on Nov 24 2016, 5:52 PM)
May want to look at the warp zone in level 1-2. Went down to the pipe then, but found it unusable with no way out.

I fix this in next version.
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Quote (Somari64 on Jun 25 2015, 8:13 PM)
Some tiles, like the mushroom platform trunks, were pillow-shaded to begin with (well, in the SMAS version, anyway). Aside from that, though, I agree with you, and they look pretty bad here.

You mean is my tileset shade is bad?
Little maybe yes is my first shading on the tileset
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Quote (AirmanAJK on Aug 29 2013, 10:02 PM)
No, I'm okay with small differences like that between my program and the original, because allowing custom pipe colors would make changing pipe colors difficult as they are made of sections. I'm not sure how I would make changing multiple pipe component colors at once easy and intuitive, and nobody wants to replace every pipe part in a level by hand. My principle concern is simplicity. I don't want this program to have a learning curve.

or even add Above Ground Nighttime (Like World 6-1)
Or Ground Daytime (World 5-1)
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Cool update :D
but you are planned adding custom pipe color?
ex. in World 6-1 or 5-1 Gray pipes in day time or Green pipes in night day
or warp zones pipes green not only red.
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Quote (AirmanAJK on Aug 17 2013, 1:33 PM)
Including every possible pallete combination is tedious and simply not worth it. This program isn't meant to be indistinguishable from the NES. I'm also reluctant to add things that weren't in the original, like longer water/lava.

but i hope is you are updating game

is game really good
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Quote (lu9 on Aug 17 2013, 1:29 AM)
Really nice editor, but there are some stuff you should've done to make it more "complex"
-add castle colour enemies
-bring "The Lost Levels" stuff (poison mushroom, red piranha, etc.)
-change the checkpoint flag to a "checkpoint zone" as of the original SMB had.

Don't forgot about

-Lava and Water Bottom
-Change Color Pipe and Flag Poles (ex. Gray Pipes on Day level (5-1,5-2,7-3) (And Normal Game)
-Change Pipe Warp Zone Color (Not Only Red)
-Add Red Clouds from 6-3
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I Suggested adding change pipe colors and water/lava bottom.

this is a beta version?
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is it not a little too harshly?
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is it not a little too harshly?
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Quote (KoBeWi on May 27 2013, 4:00 PM)
Sorry to everyone who experience crashes, but it's an OpenGL issue. On some computers there are just compatibility problems and I can do nothing with this :(

How you got are application for run levels?
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Looks nice
but game how are start level game are crashing to desktop :(