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[DL] Luigi and Spiny in Mario Bros. Classic (Arcade) By: Jamestendo64 [W]
I decided to make a brand new sprite for Luigi in Mario Bros. with his modern proportions, and also recreate the Spiny (which replaced the Shellcreeper in the GBA port and SMB3) in the style of the classic arcade game.
Downloads: 1032
Added: 11/29/19
[DL] The Ultimate SMW Player sprite sheet By: Jamestendo64 [W]
This is a HUGE SMW sprite sheet of Mario, Luigi, and Toad, featuring cleaned up sprites, more personality, and a brand new Luigi that better matches Mario. This sheet has poses from SMW, SMA2, SMM2, and even Mario's Missing for SNES. Credit to MauricinoN64 ...
Downloads: 3904
Added: 11/29/19
[DL] SMW Ultimate Mario Sprites V2 By: Jamestendo64 [W]
Okay so this is basically a full SMW sprite sheet with every Mario sprite from SMW, SMA2, and SMM2. Basically, this sheet is Mario from SMM2's SMW theme with ALL the poses from SMW and SMA2 and some improved sprites as well. Coming up next: "SMW ...
Downloads: 3522
Added: 07/19/19
[DL] SMW Ultimate Luigi Sprites V2 (All in One) By: Jamestendo64 [W]
I decided to make a new SMW Luigi (As if we didn't have enough already). This Luigi has EVERY frame from EVERY version of SMW while also just being a more updated design. I used SMM2 Luigi as a base (But I made him thinner and gave him his old flesh ...
Downloads: 2936
Added: 07/19/19
[DL] SMM2 SMW styled Waluigi By: Jamestendo64 [W]
This is a SMALL sheet I made for Waluigi in his SMW style. I won't make the rest of the poses due to lack of motivation, but anyone is more than welcome to finish these if they like. I made these sprites because I always hated Luigi in his SMAS+SMW ...
Downloads: 1985
Added: 07/14/19
[DL] Improved SMM2 Sprites By: Jamestendo64 [W]
As much as I love SMM2, I really hate how Luigi, Fire Luigi, Fire Toad, and Fire Toadette look in the SMB1 and SMB3 themes, so I made these sprites because I think this is what I think they should've gone with. Credit to koopshikinggeoshi for the ...
Downloads: 4259
Added: 07/05/19
[DL] Extended "Extended Bitsize Luigi" By: Jamestendo64 [W]
I took the Luigi from Sean Cura's "Extended Bitsize Brothers." and added missing frames. I created the crawling, swimming, and small to big transition, and I took the swimming and crawling sprites from Geoshi's "SMB True Luigi" ...
Downloads: 2493
Added: 07/29/18
[DL] SMW Custom Luigi By: TheNintendude64, KingGeoshiKoopshi64, AwesomeZack [W]
A collab between me and my friend KingGeoshiKoopshi64.
Credit to AwesomeZack for his "SMW Alternate Mario and Luigi Poses" sprite sheet (helped me out alot!)
I would also like to give credit to Mr. Man, who ripped the original SMW ...
Downloads: 3095
Added: 07/19/18
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