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[DL] SMM2 SMW Enemies with actual palette By: Void-the-Bat [W]
Hello, and welcome back to another episode of "Someone fixed the Super Mario Maker SMW sprites!"

...yeah, that wasn't needed.

Anyways, here it is. The SMW enemies from SMM2 with their real SMW palette.

A ...
Downloads: 2846
Added: 07/09/19
[DL] SMB3 styled Sonic Goalposts By: Void-the-Bat [W]
Made this because I felt like it. Sonic Pocket Adventure and SMB3 have very similar art styles and SMB3 styled SPA Sonic sprites have been done before, so why not some signs to go with it? Includes two examples.
Downloads: 1862
Added: 09/03/18
[DL] SMB1 SNES Styled Rookie By: Void-the-Bat [W]
Bowser has decided to be blasted out of a cannon and temporarily lose his memory again, but this time it's in the Mushroom Kingdom. Oh, and he ends up teaming up with Popple. Wait, that's Nabbit, not Popple! Eh, it's close enough, right?
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Added: 10/30/17
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