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[DL] SMB Mario Nes: Redone By: IronRedNin10do
I don't know if I should give credit to someone to give someone credit because I took their sprited and changed it by a couple pixels, but I'll do it anyway. Credit goes to Hellfire for Mario's small sprite and tileset, big Mario sprites ...
Downloads: 1041
Added: 11/04/22
[DL] SMAS SMB Luigi Resprited. By: IronRedNin10do
I realize that I may have missed a couple of Mario Sprites, so I made a Luigi to make up for it! Along with the sprites I missed.
Downloads: 755
Added: 07/12/22
[DL] SMAS SMB1 Mario Resprited By: IronRedNin10do
Credit to NiO for Mario's idle sprite, the rest were done by me.

This is my first submission, hope this goes well.
Downloads: 924
Added: 06/30/22
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