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Nice job using the beta leak Koopa designs for reference. These look really cool, and I can see these being used in some really good fan hacks/games.
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Quote (Klug on Jan 19 2021, 11:47 AM)
Mario: BARF!

Lol, glad to see someone got the reference!
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Quote (Theopold on Jan 21 2021, 11:37 AM)
I'm drowning in your posts!

Haha, yeah. I had a lot I wanted to repost over here. I think there’s still a sheet or two that’s waiting to be accepted.
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Quote (Lueio mario on Jan 20 2021, 7:54 PM)
i don't know why but the shading does not fit.

Eh, to each their own. When I posted this to Discord, I had some mixed reactions to how I handled the texturing on Starlow’s main body. Also I should probably bring up that Starlow’s body was based off that round sprite from SMB3 that holds the rotodisk. Figured it would fit with the shininess, that and anything else I tried came off really unsatisfying to look at.
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Quote (hdtv on Jan 20 2021, 7:22 PM)
This looks really good!
It all looks super official, I wonder how it would in a 2d game?
(Also, is that "IS" supposed to be on that sprite?)

Thank you so much! Also yeah, that ‘IS’ isn’t supposed to be there. It must’ve been a glitch when I was doing something for a reference file. I’ll try to fix the file sometime this weekend. Thank you for letting me know about this.
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Hey, just made my first account on here, and I just wanna say thank you so much for giving me credit for using my Quint sprite. Will probably get around to uploading my TSR sheets to this forum while I'm at it.