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[DL] Super Mario World: Koopa Rig By: KrusperButter [W]
Yep I'm back. Made this Koopa rig thing. Very useful if you want to make some nice looking poses in Photoshop or animate them in Flash. I know I'm gonna use this for my sprite animations! No credit needed. I will definitely make more SMW rigs ...
Downloads: 1398
Added: 03/26/17
[DL] Super Mario Run - Objects and Coins SMW Styled By: KrusperButter [W]
I made some sprites for Super Mario Run. I used the color palettes from the original SMW. One shade I did make up, It was for that pink coin. I was trying to make a sprite of that yellow spring, but I just couldn't get it to look good. SMAS SMB3 ...
Downloads: 1913
Added: 12/17/16
[DL] Super Mario World - Kamek + Broom By: KrusperButter [W]
Something I decided to make. This is a slightly edited SMW Kamek sheet with him also on his broom. Edited the wand for the standing poses and made the bottom part of his hat white.

Credit to Random Talking Bush for ripping the wand effects ...
Downloads: 1197
Added: 11/15/16
[DL] Super Mario Bros. 3 - Flying Squirrel Mario By: KrusperButter [W]
What if Flying Squirrel Mario was in SMB3?

Credit to JR.2710, I used some of his assets from his SMB3 Propeller Mario and from his other sprites.
Downloads: 692
Added: 10/16/16
[DL] Super Mario World: Color Palettes By: KrusperButter [W]
These are the color palettes used in Super Mario World. I made this mainly for myself since I'm a SMW spriter, but decided to post it for others. I like to make custom SMW sprites but still use the official colors so it has more of a SMW feel.
Downloads: 1450
Added: 09/25/16
[DL] Super Mario World: Remastered Hud By: KrusperButter [W]
This includes a new and improved hud I made for Super Mario World, enjoy!

Be sure to give credit if you use this!

Original SMW Hud sprites (I used some of the numbers from the original smw hud.) were ripped by Lotos.
Downloads: 1610
Added: 09/05/16
[DL] Super Mario Bros 3: Biddybuds By: KrusperButter [W]
I made a sheet for the Biddybuds in SMB3 (SMAS) Style. The palettes are directly used from the original SMAS SMB3 palettes.

Give credit if used!
Downloads: 965
Added: 09/04/16
[DL] Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - Trio Racquet Mini Sheet (BIS) By: KrusperButter [W]
Heres a BIS mini sheet I made!

I decided to upload this. This is was already made awhile ago. I actually made a complete sheet of this with Mario and the raquet but it didn't look good in animation at all.

You can check out ...
Downloads: 755
Added: 08/12/16
[DL] Paper Mario: Custom Sprite Sheet By: KrusperButter [W]
Bout' time someone made a new Paper Mario Sheet.

It's here, the Paper Mario sprite sheet! Don't like the white outline? Go in MS paint and use the paint bucket.

Give credit! I put my time and effort into making this.
Downloads: 1126
Added: 08/01/16
[DL] Super Mario World: Forest Map Elements Enhanced By: KrusperButter [W]
The next, and most likely my last, in my Super Mario World Enhanced series. It includes some better forest elements you can use for your world map! These might not be alot, but you can still turn this into a nice looking forest world map! The trees could ...
Downloads: 1504
Added: 07/22/16
[DL] Super Mario World: Overworld Map Elements Enhanced By: KrusperButter [W]
I made some nice looking Map elements for Super Mario World. Comments are greatly appreciated, as I accept constructive criticism. Give credit if this is used! You wouldnt want someone using YOUR stuff without permission would you?

Update ...
Downloads: 1547
Added: 07/16/16
[DL] Super Paper Mario - Squiglets Sprite Sheet By: KrusperButter [W]
Its the Squiglet Squad! Please note that the Dark Squiglet is not included. So dont mention it in the comments please.

If used for any reason, give credit to me. Thanks!
Downloads: 909
Added: 01/18/16
[DL] Cat Koopa Sprites (Super Princess Peach) By: KrusperButter [W]
Nobody ever made Cat Koopa sprites have they? Well I did!

Idea by Missing Number's Cat Mario.

Credit to kaiisafoxthatzawesum for the upright version of the Cat Koopa. I made his one sprite into a whole sheet in the cat position. ...
Downloads: 969
Added: 11/24/15
[DL] Custom Overworld Tileset By: KrusperButter [W]
100% Custom Tileset I made!

If used for a fangame please give credit to me! :D Mario and Luigi Sprites by the makers of the fangame SMB ODYSSEY!
Downloads: 1446
Added: 11/16/15
[DL] Super Mario Maker SMW Enimies SMA4 Styled By: KrusperButter [W]
I edited most of the SMW SMM Enemies into a SMA4 Style! Bowser and Bowser Jr. Comming soon.
Downloads: 1982
Added: 10/16/15
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