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Super Mario Bros. Revenge on Bowser! Beta 1.1 By: ShadowReduce
Story: Bowser again attacks a Mushroom Kingdoom by own koopa army. Your task - get to the Bowser's castle and take revenge for what Bowser did to the Mushroom Kingdom and rescue princess from dark hands of Bowser!

Advice - The game is ...
Downloads: 815 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: 8 / 10
Added: 11/03/23
Junior MithulBlox Public Beta By: WinMithul [W]
Disclaimer: This game contains visuals that may trigger seizures in those with epilepsy. Visuals can be adjusted in the game settings.

Enjoy the endless Mithulblox experience in a small size. Includes Classic mode and Color Shift mode inspired ...
Downloads: 174 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 10/21/23
Peach's Wish - v1.0.1 By: Vortoxium
This was my submission for the MFGG Fangame Jam 6. Thought I'd upload it here too.

In this game you play as Peach and you try to complete the 2 levels that I was able to finish in the short period of 5 days.
Downloads: 326 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 10/15/23
Mario's slightly Unusual Boss Rush (v2.0 Release) By: OssieTheOstrich
Mario's slightly Unusual Boss Rush is a SMB3-inspired fangame where Mario goes around defeating bosses in levels based on franchises that are not his own.

This is the recently released v2.0 update (or the "Pre-Sequel" update) ...
Downloads: 774 Comments: 0 Score: 4.5 / 10
Added: 10/11/23
FNAW Tower Defense | Demo By: WwwWario [W]
In my many years with Clickteam, I've wanted to make a Tower Defense game. This year, I decided to try again, after failed attempts. I began working on this in May (been working on it on average every day for 5 months). And this is the result so ...
Downloads: 269 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: 6.7 / 10
Added: 10/09/23
Really Happy Mario Halloween Update By: Sparasemi456
This is a regular Really Happy Mario update, but, during October, Boos will appear into the levels and Dry Bones will replace the Koopa Troopas, so... Happy Halloween, I think? Hope you'll enjoy the game.

Admin Note: Contains flashing ...
Downloads: 343 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 10/01/23
Super Mario Bros. Friends By: WinMithul [W]
An adventure and a black-comedy game inspired by Mario Forever, Super Mario World, Diamond Rush, Yoshi's Island, and many more.

Join Mario and the kids from Mushroom Heights to rescue his brother Luigi!!!

A small tip: ...
Downloads: 250 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 09/03/23
Wario DESTROYS A Glass of Milk By: LangtonLion64
The third and final outRAGEous installment in the Glass of Milk series.

Wario comes out of nowhere! Punching, bashing, and butt-stomping everything in his path, all in a vain effort to rescue the kidnapped Mario and Luigi. Explore exciting ...
Downloads: 1875 Comments: 14 [NEW] Score: 10 / 10
Added: 08/26/23
Infinite Loop On The Island By: Theopold
WARNING: Thrown together frantically for the game jam. It is very unpolished and buggy. Have fun, I guess...

Baba disappeared off the Baba Is You island, for fear of a time loop. Help Keke break this time loop by doing a series of actions!
Downloads: 173 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 08/16/23
Super Mario Java By: Dominicentek
Bowser, yet again, kidnaps Peach and Mario must save her.
There are 40 different levels to explore, with 8 worlds.
Each world has a gimmick in some levels.

Source code for the game, with an alternate download can be found here:
Downloads: 564 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 07/21/23
Super Mario Bros. S v0.2.1 - New Roads By: superpi2
Super Mario Bros. S is a collaborative fangame, meant to embody the spirit of modern Super Mario platformers while utilizing the styles of older titles. Gamemodes include the Main Campaign and Road to Infinity.

SMBS v0.2.1, the New Roads update, ...
Downloads: 1925 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: 8 / 10
Added: 07/19/23
Super Mario Bros. Revenge on Bowser! Demo 1 By: ShadowReduce
Story: Bowser again attacks a Mushroom Kingdoom by own koopa army. Your task - get to the Bowser's castle and take revenge for what Bowser did to the Mushroom Kingdom and rescue princess from dark hands of Bowser!

Advice - The game is ...
Downloads: 806 Comments: 9 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 07/04/23
Pipedream Engine (TECH DEMO) By: KrystalPhantasm
Pipedream Engine was a fangame engine I started in Godot 3.5 a few months ago, as a way to learn programming a bit more in depth.
As such, this is NOT an USABLE engine. This is just a showcase demo and it is unlikely I will open source the code ...
Downloads: 742 Comments: 4 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 07/02/23
Supra Binyot Lande By: Roo
"Seriously, it- it was surprisingly high-quality for a s***ty s**tpost fan game."
-Vincent Sauce

Voted "one of the games of 2019" by a large group of voters who didn't know how much 2+2 was, Supra Binyot Lande ...
Downloads: 380 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 06/20/23
Supra Binyot Lande 2 Demo By: Roo
The first demo of the long-awaited sequel to one of 2019's blurst Vinesauce fan games is here at last. Experience streamer-on-streamer violence as Binyot fights against Jeremy the Oreo Eater in a style similar to one of 2004's top games (no, ...
Downloads: 242 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 06/20/23
supra mayro 64 ds By: Supra Mayro Bross Team
fsave princes and friens in new mayro advenecthure

wait til the full game is released on nov 20th if you want to play a better mayro game
Downloads: 416 Comments: 2 [NEW] Score: __
Added: 05/21/23
Super Mario Continuance Chapter 1 By: NatDuh
CW: One instance of blood and some dark themes.

Super Mario Continuance Chapter 1 is a 2D collectathon that begins with Riba and Mario (later Len) on an adventure to find Green Stars after the Green Comet flies over Earth. Who knows what Mario ...
Downloads: 338 Comments: 0 Score: __
Added: 04/20/23
Supra Mayro 64 Reboot By: Supra Mayro Bross Team
hhelp pesh kingdome?
Downloads: 2343 Comments: 10 [NEW] Score: 6 / 10
Added: 04/10/23
Super Mario Bros. Remake By: Younes_Smt
A Remake For The Original Super Mario Bros. (World 1 Only) for PC With 60 FPS + Widescreen support
Disclaimer :-----------------------------------------------------------------------
Downloads: 733 Comments: 0 Score: 6 / 10
Added: 04/06/23
Wario DS By: FayesGames

Made for MFGG Game Jam 5.

my uncle from nintendo told me not to leak this game but he gave it to me since i'm a big wario fan so now i'm sharing the game for all to see
Downloads: 1110 Comments: 1 [NEW] Score: 5 / 10
Added: 04/04/23
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