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[DL] Weird Mushroom Forms in SMM2 By: R3n3G1ck015
I find it weird that the SMB2 Mushroom was put in SMM2 instead of the Weird Mushroom. After making this, I now understand why it likely did not make the cut. Credit to Random Talking Bush for ripping the Sprites.
Downloads: 1508
Added: 01/18/24
[DL] Foreman Spike in the SMB1 style* By: R3n3G1ck015
Foreman Spike as a playable character in the SMB1 art style (a bit strange, considering he would probably be a boss, if anything). This was made using the 2D Builder outfit and 2D Sunshine outfit from Super Mario Odyssey and SMB1 Mario Sprites. Foreman ...
Downloads: 1329
Added: 04/01/23
[DL] Small Link in Smb3 Style By: R3n3G1ck015
So I saw an SMBX Link Spritesheet upon a google lookup, and I made this. Sorry in advance for the proportional inconsistencies.
Downloads: 857
Added: 12/21/21
[DL] Common Custom Items in SMB3 (SMAS) Pt. 1 By: R3n3G1ck015
The base sprite is from AwesomeZack's SMB3 (SMAS)'s format.
This spritesheet features Bubble Mario & Spike Mario.
Downloads: 2392
Added: 11/23/21
[DL] All of Rebuilt SMB3 Mario By: R3n3G1ck015
This is the Macdaddy of all the Spritesheets. It includes all the forms from all of the mainline Mario games (excluding all spin-offs, and includes more moves he can pull off.
Downloads: 3943
Added: 10/13/21
[DL] Smb3 Toad House Sprites By: R3n3G1ck015
These are the sprites to be seen in the typical Toad House scene. Includes all Smb3 Forms.
Downloads: 2161
Added: 06/26/21
[DL] Rebuilt Smb3 Luigi/Leegi By: R3n3G1ck015
Yep, here he is. The Lean, Green, Mean, Obscene Machine of the Spleen. This includes All forms seen in Smb3.
Downloads: 1605
Added: 06/24/21
[DL] Bowser Suit Mario By: R3n3G1ck015
Credit to AwesomeZack for the P-Balloon sprite, as well as the base design of the shell. I got the idea from this application called "Mario Builder".
Downloads: 1875
Added: 05/26/21
[DL] Maro's 2D Forms + Improved Previous Ones By: R3n3G1ck015
*Chris DeBurgh intensifies
"Where is Weird Mushroom and Mega Mushroom?" In a different Sprite Sheet. But don't despair, for they'll make an appearance eventually. With that said, Maro isn't an only child.
Downloads: 1911
Added: 05/23/21
[DL] Rebuilt Smb3 Mario's/Maro's 3D Forms By: R3n3G1ck015
But you didn't have to cut me off. Anyways, this is Mario's forms in SM64 & the SMG Duology in the Rebuilt formation. Also, I'm going to start calling 'Rebuilt Mario' as 'Maro'.
Downloads: 2366
Added: 03/27/21
[DL] Rebuilt Smb3 Mario's other forms By: R3n3G1ck015
This is to say the Raccoon leaf, Tanooki suit, Hammer suit, and Frog suit. Also includes the "shrink-down" animation for standard Mario, as I forgot to put it in the first post.
Downloads: 2260
Added: 02/28/21
[DL] Rebuilt Smb3 Mario By: R3n3G1ck015
First post. Here's a revised, personalized, and partially-modernized form of Mario, in his SMB3 form.
Downloads: 2384
Added: 02/09/21
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