Another update and Nintendo Direct Hype
Sep 23 2021, 5:28 AM

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So here I am again with another update for y'all.

What do you expect to see on today's Nintendo Direct?

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Luigi and the Quest for Nothing 2 (Post-SAGE '21 Demo)
[Platform] By lu9
[For Windows, Linux, and any other platform supported by GameMaker Studio 2.3 if you know how 👀)
Thumbnail Syobon Action Nostalg (2021 DEMO)
[Adventure] By SergioGameMaker
-------------->>>> WARNING: <<<<--------------
SMM2 alt climb animation (Luigi Edition) By MasterDarkar
BroskiX's SMB Retro Tileset By BroskiX
Mario Luigi Toad And Toadette Alternate Climbing! By Luigiisthebest
SMB3 Goomba | Box Art By FeleForge
SMB3 tiles as SMB1 tiles By karilizard36
smm2 smw extended semi-solid forest By kleynner64
SMB3 objects as SMB1 objects By karilizard36
SMB3 enemies as SMB1 enemies By karilizard36
SMB3 overworld tiles as SMB1 overworld tiles By karilizard36
SMB3 backgrounds as SMB1 backgrounds By karilizard36
SMB3 power-ups as SMB1 power-ups By karilizard36
Electric Generator (Mega Man & Bass, 8-Bit) By murphmario
SMW - Bowser's Boss Room By JumperK
SMW-styled Conkdor By Squishy Rex
SMW-styled Morty Mole By Squishy Rex
SMW-styled SMM2/3D World Banzai Bill By Squishy Rex
Modern Chargin' Chuck HD (SNES-Style) By Mr.Pink Teddy
SMW-styled Clampy By Squishy Rex
SMW-styled Piranha Creeper By Squishy Rex
SMB3-styled Wallop By Squishy Rex
SMB3-styled Spine Coaster By Squishy Rex
Custom Desert Tileset By hdtv
SMW - Mario with Luigi poses By FlyingGoombaOwO
Yet Another Custom Mario Sprite By Ralorche
Custom Piranha Plants GFX By KesterTank
Ralorche's Custom Sonic Sprite By Ralorche
Ralorche's Custom Cheep Cheep Sprite By Ralorche
Ralorche's Custom Plok Sprite By Ralorche

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Time for a update!
Sep 5 2021, 8:21 PM

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We didn't had any update in more than a week so here's one.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario: Journey of the Hyper Stars (2.0)
[Adventure] By King Piranha Plant
This game was made in 2006. It's very sloppy and hilariously buggy, but a lost MFGG classic with ...
SMW 4 enemies in SMM2 styles (re-raised) By MasterDarkar
Fuzzy in SMM2 Styles By MasterDarkar
Small Peach By OmegaF.
Small Daisy By OmegaF.
Small Wario By OmegaF.
SMA2 Peach Remake By GlacialSiren484
SMM2 alt climb animation By MasterDarkar
SMW SNES-styled NES Bootleg Tilesets By Jaden1291
SMW Beta Boss Bass Color Variants + Expansion By N-Mario
SMA2 Mario Alternate Poses By Retroguy13
PM64 style Flopter By Theopold
King Bill SMW Beta Remastered + SMB1 and SMB3 Ver. By SuperDaltonMaker

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Fun With Despair
First update in a while
Aug 27 2021, 3:49 AM

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It's been about a month without one of these. No one's really to blame, but I'll go ahead and say it's my bad anyway, as I am notoriously lazy in every facet of my life.


Recent Additions
SMAS Mario Mega Sheet Power ups By AnasWael
custom koopa in smb2 style By ApolosGamer64
Syobon Action + Super Mario Bros. 1 (Tilesets, Items, Enemies) By Pixelcraftian
SMW 4 enemies in SMM2 styles Part 2 By MasterDarkar
Birdo By OmegaF.
Lil Sparky in SMM2 Styles By MasterDarkar
Mario (Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon Style) By MegaToon1234
Yoshi (Mario World Prototype) By OmegaF.

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Time for a update!
Jul 27 2021, 7:14 AM

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It's been a couple weeks since we had an update so here it is :)

Recent Additions
Luigi Proppler Mushroom By AnasWael
SMAS SMB1 Mario Maker Objects By SuperSledgeBro
SMB1 & SMW Pipeland Theme By Crafink
Small Mario By OmegaF.
My Version Of Luigi! By Luigiisthebest, Pixelcraftian
Goombrat // Smm2 Smb3 SMAS Style By Keymil Animations
SMAS SMB1 Koopalings By SuperSledgeBro
SMM1 Weird Mario Sprites in SMAS Ver. By SuperDaltonMaker
My Version Of Peach! By Luigiisthebest, Pixelcraftian
Small Toad By OmegaF.
Small Luigi By OmegaF.
sungaloombas in SMM2 styles By MasterDarkar
Mario in Eversion By YanJunTaki
Super Mario Odyssey - Police Suit [2D] By 309846GB
Sonic Macguffins in the SMB1 Style By BullyWithAHat
SMB1 Bouncy House Tileset + BG By Theopold
Smb1 Mountain tileset (Revamped) By 309846GB
Penguin suit in SMM2 styles By MasterDarkar
SML2 Wario Remake By jovial-imp
Tweeter in SMM2 styles By MasterDarkar

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20 Years of MFGG...
Jul 9 2021, 10:47 PM

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Today is MFGG's 20th anniversary! That's right, MFGG first opened its doors exactly 20 years ago today.

And to celebrate this huge milestone we are releasing the MFGG 20th Anniversary Time Capsule!

We compiled 13 previously unreleased fangames into one big compilation, including a new demo of Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine, as well as a never before seen build of Super Mario Flashback!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail MFGG 20th Anniversary Time Capsule
[Other] By MFGG
July 9th, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of MFGG!

To celebrate this event we have once again ...
Thumbnail Touhou ~ Maliciously Chaotic Visitor
[Shoot 'em Up] By DodonArgustius
A touhou and zelda crossover made for the 3rd MFGG game jam.

Ganon has grown tired of the ...
Various Heavy Enemy Edits By Money
(Mostly) Custom Grassland Tileset By Money
Blokkablok By Theopold
Wii Hills - SMW Style By Linkstorm Z
Sounds, Music
Wario Land 2 Sound Effects By Feever1999

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Big updatus
Jul 4 2021, 7:43 AM

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So, I got some interesting things to share.

First of all, our 3rd fangame jam is over! If you want to play all the games they can be found here:

We will be announcing the winners of it on the 5th, based on your public votes. This is in less than 2 days, so if you haven't voted for the games there, maybe you might wanna do it now.

Also, July 9th will be MFGG's 20th anniversary, and we got some really exciting plans for it. Stay tuned!

Anyways, time for games... a lot of them in fact!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. S - Road To Infinity
[Platform] By superpi2
Run as far as you can in an infinitely-generating level! Collect coins and moons to buy powerups such ...
Thumbnail Super Evil Land
[Action] By questionable_box
Don't worry about the title. This game isn't evil at all. Not in the slightest. And it comes ...
Thumbnail Super Mario: Magnum Opus (Demo 2)
[Action] By grizzledwarveteran23
Now with three worlds and a new tutorial section!

The Mario Bros. receive a letter from their ...
Thumbnail Starwolf
[Action] By biebersoft
StarFox's evil alter ego now stars in his own game. Your mission, assassinate the StarFox team. ...
Thumbnail Super Mole Hole
[Puzzle] By Swoof
Monty Mole bought a mine to make some profit! Dive in and collect as many gems as you can, but watch ...
Thumbnail GoombaGotchi
[Minigame] By Mariotroid
You play as a Goomba in a action game where you must collect either one power up or another. Each powerup ...
Thumbnail Rhythm Heaven Superstars
[Other] By Swoof
Test your rhythmic abilities with 5 challenging games! Featuring staple Nintendo series like Super Mario, ...
Thumbnail Frogger 2 Remake
[Adventure] By Ryan Silberman
A full fan remake of the Game Boy Color version of Frogger 2, built for PC and Android devices!

Thumbnail Ode to Zelda
[Adventure] By biebersoft
You are Link, one of the few who have not been tainted by Gannon's evil magics. You must follow ...
Thumbnail Final Fantasy X-treme
[RPG] By biebersoft
You are the only hero who can save the planet! Choose from 8 different soundtracks for the game. Password ...
Thumbnail A Nightmare on Sesame Street
[Comedy] By biebersoft
As the title suggests this game brings mayhem to that kids classic, Sesame Street. This one is definitely ...
Thumbnail Among Bus: Desert Edition
[Comedy] By Roo
Tired of games that end in a flash? Bored of games that simply won't hold your attention? Outraged ...
SMAS SMB3 Gift Box By GoldBrick Studio
Frog Luigi (SMB3 SNES, SMM2-Style) By The_Eggo55
Larry as Player (SMB1 Style) By JosueCr4ft
Custom Mario By toasticidal
Rebuilt Smb3 Luigi/Leegi By R3n3G1ck015
Smb3 Toad House Sprites By R3n3G1ck015
Waluigi in Wario Land 4 (2020 Version) By Ralorche
SMM Custom Series - Porcupuffer By Mariofan230
Wario in Super Mario Bros. 3 (+ Waluigi) By Ralorche
Metroid Other M Custom HUD By FieryExplosion
Metroid Dread Custom HUD By FieryExplosion

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MFGG Fangame Jam 3 Begins!
Jun 25 2021, 7:07 PM

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Our 3rd game jam begins! And the theme is...


That's right, you will make a fangame that's not just based on one franchise, but two! How you do that is entirely up to you though, as long as 2 (or more) different game franchises are involved in some way it counts!

And before anyone asks, sub-franchises like Yoshi, Wario, and even Mario Kart count as separate franchises as well, at least for the purpose of this jam.

Good luck everyone! The jam will come to an end in 5 days.

Now that's out of the way, here are some updates too.

Recent Additions

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HUGE Announcements
Jun 19 2021, 10:25 PM

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Oh boy, I got quite a few announcements for today.

user posted image

First of all, I'm proud to announce that NCFC is back once again this year! It will be taking place between October 30th and November 5th.

For those who don't know, NCFC is an online convention for game developers to showcase their projects, with a focus on fangames.

Starting this year NCFC will be co-ran by MFGG as an official MFGG event. We have been sponsoring the event ever since it began in 2007, but from this point onwards we will be having more direct involvement with it. Expect things to be a bit different this time around!

As for booth submissions, they all start now and will be handled through this site just like previous years.

Check out the forums thread for a full list of the submission guidelines and rules.

And here's the official website, the one where you make the submissions and see that fancy timer.

But that's not all, we also have less than 6 days left for MFGG Fangame Jam 3! I hope you guys haven't forgotten about it already. :)

And lastly, MFGG's 20th anniversary is right around the corner, and we will be announcing something big for it. It's happening on July 9th, don't forget it!
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Jun 9 2021, 12:38 PM

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Recent Additions

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