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Whazzat? A game jam?
Nov 26 2021, 9:34 PM

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Yup, we are back with yet another fangame jam!

MFGG Winter Fangame Jam is an event where you have exactly 5 days to make a game based on a preexisting IP. It's the 4th jam of this kind we will be holding, and it will be starting on the 17th of December at 12 PM PST!

You can learn more about it on its page:

If you want to discuss the event, head over to our Discord server (which is linked on the sidebar).

Now, updates!!!!

Recent Additions
SMB2 styled Goombas By BlakeIsHereJam
SMAS+SMW Mario And Luigi Pose Swap By Flaming Hot Toons
SMB2 Misc. Enemies and Objects By Crafink

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That's a wrap!
Nov 6 2021, 4:44 PM

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And with that, we have reached the end of another NCFC. Thank you everyone for sticking with us, that was a fun one!

We are putting up a feedback form for the event, where you can give us your opinions so that we can do better next year.

Access the form from here!

See you all at SAGE 2022, and whatever event we end up holding here next!

Now, time for some submissions...

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Yoshi's Fabrication Station (NCFC Update)
[Platform] By Luigibonus
Yoshi's Fabrication Station is now also available on MFGG!

This project contains a faithful ...
Thumbnail Princess Quest Part 1
[Adventure] By MarioDragmire
A Retro-style Action RPG starring the Mario Bros and Princess Peach!

Every 25 years, the ...
SMB3 enemies as SMB1 enemies By karilizard36
Custom Amiibos By MasterDarkar
All of Rebuilt SMB3 Mario By R3n3G1ck015
SMB3 Alternate Luigi By MasterDarkar
SMW - Slightly Redesigned Enemies By VannyArts
Peach's Princess Peril: Player & Palettes By BullyWithAHat
SMB3 Styled Worldmap Mario/Luigi (SMM2) By JumperK

That is all.
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