MFGG Mainsite Updates: The Movie: The Game
Apr 19 2023, 2:13 AM

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Once upon a time, before the land was ravished by a horrible plague, I was an MFGG administrator. But eventually my real job got a little too intense, and I realized it was time to step down from running this place. I never gave up my QC powers, though, and occasionally I'd still go through the queue. And here's an update in honor of a big moment in Mario history!

I've heard something about a new movie starring a certain plumber. I can't remember his name, but I see his picture on the upper-left corner of the screen! I haven't watched the new Mario movie yet, but I probably should. This is a pretty big thing - after all, Mario fans have been waiting three decades for a movie that truly does the franchise justice!

Don't count on Vinny updates being a regular occurrence, but today you get one... and more importantly, a fun and eclectic selection of games and sprites! MFGG still has a lot of games and hacks sitting in the queue, so we'll have a lot more stuff waiting for you in the coming weeks.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Really Happy Mario Demo
[Platform] By Sparasemi456
Help Mario to get to the end of the levels and rescue the Princess Peach as fast is possible. Mario ...
Thumbnail Mushrooms Vs Goombas
[Other] By TheWatermelon24
Mushrooms Vs Goombas ...
Thumbnail Adventure in a Mysterious Island
[Adventure] By SonicZetrex1
Adventure in a Mysterious Island is a Game-Boy inspired game that faithfully follows the charm of a ...
Thumbnail Wario DS
[Comedy] By Faye's Games

Made for MFGG Game Jam 5.

my ...
SMB3 Artwork-Styled Sledge Bro. By Just a Little spriter
Birdo (SMW Style) By Flaming Hot Toons
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Intro Sprites Recreation By Joaquin Dash
SMW styled Shy Guys and friends By LumSht
SMB1 Mario (Expanded) By ColinGamer
Animation vs. Super Mario Bros. Sprites By Joaquin Dash
The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Intro Sprites By MauricioN64
SMW Custom WorldMap By EdmondRokko
Sonic The Hedgehog objects in Super Mario Bros. 3 By LuccaDoesArts
Various SMA4 Edits and Customs By ~CaMtEnDo~
SMW Big Cheep and Flupper By ~CaMtEnDo~

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Apr 19 2023, 3:52 AM
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Apr 24 2023, 4:08 AM

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