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[DL] Mario Vs DK - HUD By: BlueMario100
I didn't find this ANYWHERE, so I ripped it myself. Includes the Mario icon, Score, Time, Seconds Left, Presents, Uncollected Present, flashing Presents when all 3 are gotten, Bonus, the "X" present when you skip one, TOY, and numbers. ...
Downloads: 1129
Added: 05/07/18
[DL] SMO SMB1 8-Bit Goomba and Hats + Hemletless Hammer Bro. By: BlueMario100
Goombas from Super Mario Oddssey in 8 Bit Super Mario Bros style. As a bonus, I also included the hemletless Hammer Bro too. Credit to: AwesomeZack for Metro and Captured details, RTB from TSR for most hats and the palettem SJB from TSR for Goomba/Hammer ...
Downloads: 1801
Added: 03/01/18
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