Time for a update!
Jan 20 2022, 7:34 AM

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Here I come with a new update for y'all.

I also want to apologize if submissions take a while to process, we're not 24/7 on the site and we have our own lives.

With this I ask you to be patient, your submissions will be checked as soon as possible.

And speaking of submissions:

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. MMXXI
[Platform] By G-Rex Studio
Super Mario Bros. MMXXI is a fan made mario clone game, inspired by Original SMB and SMB: levels, and ...
Thumbnail Shark Chomp Run DX
[Platform] By Luigibonus
You've woken up the Chomp... now run away from it as long as you can! The terrain is randomly generated ...
Sonic The Hedgehog By Macroy
MF | Super Mario Maker Customs - Amp By Mariofan230
3D World esque Grass Tileset By KesterTank
SMW Cave Remastered By KesterTank
SMM2 - Super Crown - All Styles By JosueCr4ft
SMB3 Styled SMW Diagonal Pipes By Gate
Fixed SMB1 Luigi By RaccoonMario371
Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Milton Knight Design) By Macroy
Sounds, Music
SMAS+SMW High Quality SFX Collection By Dooki51

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