Incoming update!
Feb 23 2022, 1:50 PM

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Here I come again with a update for y'all.

Recent Additions
SMW Mario And Luigi Small Fireball Pose By Flaming Hot Toons
Some SMB2 Styled Enemies By hdtv
SMC (NES SMB) - Editor Icons & Sprites By Smuglutena
Mario (5 Styles) By CursedMario
SMW-styled Super Mario Odyssey Regional Coins By Jaden1291
SMM2 - Birabuto Kingdom tileset in SMB Style By FlyingGoombaOwO
Super Mario Bros. 1 Title Font but with the abandoned letters By RaccoonMario371
Mario Bros. - Mario and Luigi Expanded By hdtv
Furnaces in various styles By karilizard36
SMB1 tree By karilizard36
SMB1 dry enemy mayhem By karilizard36
Luigi (5 Styles) By CursedMario

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