What happened???
Apr 9 2024, 6:34 PM

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You might have noticed that the last news post here is from 2021. Yeaaaaaah, see, there's a reason for that

Short version: Someone compromised a staff account, deleted all the news posts, and promoted their own stuff. No need to worry though because we do have backups and will restore things fully soon.

If you'd like to hear a full explanation of all that happened, I wrote a forum post for that too:
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An update and some news
Feb 21 2024, 6:33 AM

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Here's your favourite demolitionist cat with some updates on their paw.

First of all. Our first minigame competition of 2024 has begun, the theme for this competition is Survival

You can participate on this thread here:

As for our first level design competition, you have exactly 18 days to submit an entry for it.

You can participate on this thread here:

As for main site updates, here's some:

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MFGG AWARDS 2023 Results are live!
Jan 21 2024, 8:02 AM

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First things first, we have revealed the results for the MFGG Awards.

You can see the results here:

We want to congratulate Langton for getting 6 awards for his Wario Destroys a Glass of Milk game, really deserved dude!

We have started a drawing competition with Beach Volleyball as the theme, you can participate and view the rules in the following forum thread:

Oh and congratulations to our site founder Thunder Dragon for the release of their newest game Psycutlery which you can download here:

As for updates, here's some:

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Level UP - Mario's Minigames Mayhem
[Platform] By BookwormKevin, Roombie
For Android/Web version and more, go to

Have you ever ...
Thumbnail Mr. Pence: Origins
[Platform] By MisteryGX
WARNING: Both "Mr. Pence: Origins" and "Room Temperature Milk" include some swearing.
Thumbnail X-AXIS - Runner Game (UNDERTALE Yellow Unofficial Fangame) [v2.1.1]
[Minigame] By Astrakitu
DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial fangame based on another Undertale fangame, known as UNDERTALE Yellow, ...
Thumbnail Super Mario - Golbat Escape!
[Minigame] By LoraLynxPSI
A silly little minigame that originated from an easter egg in a scrapped project of mine.
An endless ...
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. Friends(Launcher)
[Adventure] By WinMithul
Enjoy the exciting adventures of Mario and his Friends from Mushroom Heights in a brand-new launcher!!!!
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Super Mario World: Project Encore (VERY EARLY WIP!)
[Super Mario World] By Low poly Levi
A hack that aims to add entirely new levels, change color palettes, and tweak existing levels. This ...
Classic Grass Tileset (SMW Style) By bonglorio
Cyberspace Tileset By PROX
MPA - Poochy By JustCamTro
MPA - Shroom City - Tileset By JustCamTro
MPA - Shroom City - Everything By JustCamTro
SMB2 Styled SMG/SM3DL/W Enemies By FledCorn
Weird Mushroom Forms in SMM2 By R3n3G1ck015
MPA - Title Screen By JustCamTro
MPA - Main Menu - Modes By JustCamTro

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New year, new announcements!
Jan 6 2024, 12:18 AM

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Hey all! Hope everyone had a great holiday, and looking forward to another year here at our internet corner that's MFGG.

First off, the MFGG Awards (the superior awards ceremony) returns and you get to nominate a game/member relevant to previous year. Next week the voting phase will start where you get to vote on the most suggested nominees.

Click here for the details, and cast your nominees here!

Secondly, in case you missed it, there's a new Sprite Competition that started recently lasting until January 15th. It is based on SMB Wonder and SMRPG - if that piques your interest, check out this forum post!

Finally, here's a couple new submission updates.

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Pre-2024 Update
Dec 30 2023, 9:54 AM

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We are on the second-to-last day of 2023 and I have to announce as soon 2024 arrives, we will be hosting a bunch of events during January.

Mark your calendar cause we have these three events planned for January

- Sprite Competition #1-2024
- MFGG Awards 2023
- Drawing Competition #1-2024

As for updates, here's some

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It's update time!
Dec 11 2023, 12:15 AM

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Hey folks, hope y'all are having a lovely December thus far! Winter is by far my favorite season, so I look forward to the following months.

Enough rambling though, let's get to a bunch of new submissions!

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Making MFGG more wonderful
Nov 25 2023, 4:03 PM

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We're looking for ways to make MFGG an even more wonderful place - and we need your help! We'd love it if you could take five minutes out of your day to fill out the Make MFGG More Wonderful survey. Your feedback is super-helpful to us as we plan events and new features for 2024!

Click here!

This survey is anonymous and can't be tied to your MFGG username, e-mail address, IP address, location, or anything else. Please don't submit the survey multiple times, though - there's no point in doing that, and we'll exclude joke responses from the final results.

If you can't use Google Forms for some reason, shoot me a PM and I'll make sure your voice is counted.

Recent Additions

Also, you might've heard that GameMaker is now free for noncommercial use! This means you can create games for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, HTML5, Android, and iOS without having to pay anything. If you haven't tried GM in a while, you might want to download the latest version and check it out.

Of course, GM isn't the only tool that's popular for making games, but it's been the leading development tool on MFGG for the past decade and a half, so this is pretty big news.
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Minigame competitions are back!
Nov 10 2023, 5:12 PM

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You heard right, we're bringing back the good olde competitions to the forums and we started with a Minigame one.

The theme for this competition is: SNEAKING

You have to create a minigame involving that theme. It does not need to be focused on Mario, you can use any character from any franchise.

More info at:

As for updates, here's some:

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. Revenge on Bowser! Beta 1
[Adventure] By ShadowReduce
Story: Bowser again attacks a Mushroom Kingdoom by own koopa army. Your task - get to the Bowser's ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Luigi Bros. Classic (40th Anniversary)
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Mario GMD
In the year 2013, a minigame was released for Super Mario 3D World in which Luigi starred the Mario ...
Thumbnail Catto Mario 1.0 PUBLIC RELEASE
[Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)] By LuigiMagicHacks
Catto Mario is a romhack me and a friend of mine made based on the not so famous Catto Boi series of ...
Thumbnail The Beatles Adventures in Pepperland
[Super Mario Bros 2 USA (NES)] By NesDraug
The Beatles Adventures In Pepperland (Super Mario Bros. 2 USA hack)

Produced by Nesdraug ...
Talking Flower (SMB1 Style) By RealDoox
Sounds, Music
Mario Party 7 - Grand Canal SFX By mradamluigi
Mario Party 7 - Pagoda Peak SFX By mradamluigi
Mario Party 7 - Pyramid Park SFX By mradamluigi
Mario Party 7 - Neon Heights SFX By mradamluigi
Mario Party 7 - Windmillville SFX By mradamluigi
Mario Party 7 - Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! SFX By mradamluigi

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NCFC 2023 is now live!
Oct 31 2023, 6:30 AM

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The 2023 edition of the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention is now live.

You can check the booths at the following site:

The event will run till November 6th

As for updates, here's some:

Recent Additions

Oh, happy halloween btw :3
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