Yoshi's Island Koopa By: NES Boy
It is a fully animated red Koopa Troopa from YI. Includes the shell, the Koopa, the Koopa without the shell, and a Para Troopa.
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Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.

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[O] Created: Sep 27 2003, 3:02 AM
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Sep 18 2006, 1:24 AM
Nice Sprites! Keep on rippin'
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Mar 22 2007, 8:15 PM
i found a clumsier version of this on another
site but it wuz all clusterd up
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Mar 10 2010, 11:04 PM
i need an NSMB version of the shellless koopa. Can you make one yourself or maybe edit?
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Jamie The Hammer Brother
Jan 19 2011, 4:01 AM
Recolour it green and it's Hal the koopa... ...Troopa.
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