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Life changes
Jul 20 2019, 6:22 PM

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Due to my recent career development, attempts to rebuild my life, many other stressful matters and keeping up with my mental health, I have decided to step down as a site developer. I may eventually return to it, but that would only be in the very distant future. I'll still be around handling main site matters as an admin. For help with future technical issues, please consult VinnyVideo, HylianDev, and/or Mors.

With that out of the way, here's an update:

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario High Effort
[Platform] By MegaTailzChao
A belated submission for Ye Olde MFGG Game Jamboree. A high-effort quest to save the princess from the ...
Thumbnail Mario's Garden Job
[Platform] By EvilYoshiToes
Mario is asked by Princess Peach to clear the evil plant Susan out of her garden.

My submission ...
Thumbnail Bayonetta Game & Watch Parody
[Minigame] By RevampedSpider
This was an oldie I worked on last year for the Game Boy competition's predecessor. As you can see, ...
Thumbnail Quillax's Experiment
[Comedy] By Q-Nova
So, with the power of science, I managed to make two of my favorite characters, Mario and Commander ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Mario's Keep
[Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)] By NesDraug
You have to figure out the sequence of the rooms, try to rescue the princess and find all 9 floors. ...
SMM 2 SMW Enemies with actual palette By EXEcutor-The-Bat
SMB2: MaxT's 2017 Modernization (8-bit) - Mario By Arima
SMB2: MaxT's 2017 Modernization (8-bit) - Luigi By Arima
SMB2: MaxT's 2017 Modernization (8-bit) - Toad By Arima
SMB2: MaxT's 2017 Modernization (8-bit) - Peach By Arima
Super Mario Bros. Isometric - Blocks and Tiles By JacobLeBeauREAL
SMB2: MaxT's 2017 Modernization (8-bit) - Birdo By Arima
custom SMM2 Super Mario world Beach Theme By Evan.F
SMM2 Playable Mr.Eraser and Patrick By tarkan809
Super Mario Maker 2,Enemies + By SealLoverYT
Super Mario Land enemy collection 1. By Evan.F
SMB1 Goomba and Koopa on 360° (aka. SMB1 Enemies on 360°) By tarkan809
All Stars Luigi (SMM2) By thatmusicweeb
Koopa car smw By dracoaftonyoshi, supah-Luigi
The Angry Suns and Moons, Ruined By ProCraftDee(PCD)
SMM2 SMW styled Waluigi By TheNintendude64
[Edits] - Pokémon Trainers Re-done By KirbyLover2048
1-6 bit easton kingdom tiles/sprites(16-bit Super mario land Mario Land collection 2: electric boogaloo) By Evan.F
Boom Boom in New Super Mario Bros. By SuperMarioSpriter
Waluigi in Super Mario World style By igotanewaccountomg
Kirby - Mario Bros Style By bromaster
Waddle Dee & Bandana Dee - Mario Bros Style By bromaster
The Unused Happy Face from SMB2 (aka the logo for TCRF) By somari
Kirby, Waddle Dee and Bandana Dee in Super Mario Bros 2 By bromaster
SMW Wario (With a special guest, Yoshi) By igotanewaccountomg
Modernized smw peach (playable) By dracoaftonyoshi
SMW Ultimate Luigi Sprites (All in One) By TheNintendude64
SMW Ultimate Mario Sprites By TheNintendude64
Easton kingdom Backgrounds By Evan.F
SMM/SMM2 Galoomba and Goombud By MPixels
SMW - Pom Pom By TheGreatBocaj
SMB2 Remade Bob-omb sprites By mariofan230
Super Mario World Wario By Caimbra
Custom Series - New Stuffs + SMM Easter Eggs By xXEmmanXx
SMW Waluigi mod sprite sheet restored By igotanewaccountomg
Stanley The Bugman in SMW Style By Misteryt1MFGG

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MFGG is 18 years old!
Jul 9 2019, 8:41 PM

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It's July 9th 2019, which means MFGG is now 18 years old!

You can receive a special badge if you head to the forums and wish MFGG a Happy Birthday. I mean, you wouldn't want to hurt MFGG's feelings wouldn't you? Plus you get a free badge, what a steal!


Recent Additions
Thumbnail Goomba Goes to the Polls
[Platform] By Pedigree
Get your ballot to the mailbox. Don't let Trump stop you! Six endings all depending on how you make ...
Thumbnail Taco Wario: Neo Grande Battles
[Platform] By Vitiman
My entry for the Ye Olde Jam on the forums

Join Wario, Wario, and Wario on an unstoppable ...
Thumbnail Metallic Madness
[Platform] By LangtonLion64
My entry for the Ye Olde MFGGe Game Jamboree. In this game, you have an unlimited Metal Cap at your ...
Thumbnail Luigi fr*ckin' dies! FOR REAL!!
[Action] By Roo
Luigi is six feet under and Mario must find the culprit. Join him on his roaring rampage of revenge ...
Thumbnail Mario Becomes A Bird
[Comedy] By Hypernova
My entry to the Ye Olde MFGGe Game Jamboree (Jul 6-8, 2019).

Mario is tired of being human ...
Thumbnail Requiem For Egg Mario
[Comedy] By toastiguy
my entry to Ye Olde MFGGe Game Jamboree.

controls are arrows, shift, and control.
to ...
Thumbnail Mario Minigame Mayhem 2
[Comedy] By RevampedSpider
Made for the Ye Olde Jamboree.

The sequel nobody wanted. The game nobody asked for. ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Bowsette Jr. Math (DK Jr. Math Rom Hack)
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Kazufox
From the Bowsette Jr. ROM Hack, it’s now time to learn math with Bowsette and Bowsette Jr.! Choose ...
Thumbnail Bowsette Jr.+Lessons (DK Jr.+Jr. Lessons ROM Hack)
[OTHER (Please Specify)] By Kazufox
Taking a combination of the Bowsette Jr. and Math ROM Hacks into a mixed sample of both. This version ...
Super Improvement Mario Bros (Hack) - Mario & Luigi By xxxJohnnieWalker2005
Kester's Random Item Set 1.0 By KesterTank
SMM2: SMB1 Enemies All-Star Styled By CardBoardBox
SMM Series: SMW Extended Ice Block By Xilore25
16-bit SMB1 Boom Boom (from SMM2) By Evan.F
Super Mario Maker 2 - Beta Twister By tymime
Waluigi in Super Mario World Style By Misteryt1MFGG
SMW Piranha Plants Pack (Part 1/5) By ProCraftDee(PCD)
Super Mario Bros Super Waluigi Sheet 2.0 By RedChan
Improved SMM2 Sprites By TheNintendude64
SMB1 NES Custom Luigi By BM44
Custom Series - Another Tileset Revamp By xXEmmanXx
Grass tiles By Evan.F
SMM2 Staff Roll Tiles Extended/Edited By Darkenny The Spriter
World Heroes 2 SMB1 Edits By MtgamesGnM
New Super Mario Bros. U Jyotyu Tileset Rip (part 1) By Poudink, Random Talking Bush
New Super Mario Bros. U Jyotyu Tileset Rip (part 2) By Poudink, Random Talking Bush
Mini-Mario Factory Game Sprite Sheet By Ryan Silberman
beta SMW Twister (with final palette) By Evan.F

EDIT: Wow, I didn't expect this update to be this massive. We haven't seen this many games in a single update for a while!
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