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[DL] SMB1 Buster Beetles By: Twisted4932
Do you remember those annoying guys from Super Mario Bros. 3? Now they are styled to Super Mario Bros. 1, ready to throw ice bricks.
Downloads: 512
Added: 06/18/22
[DL] SMAS SMB2 Mushrooms By: Twisted4932
There are some beatiful Super Mario Bros. 2 Mushrooms. They have different designs and 16 different palletes. Don't forget to give credit, and I'll leave some notes:
- The ugly-looking mushroom must be placed at sizeables or big trunks.
Downloads: 475
Added: 05/16/22
[DL] SMAS SMB2 Bullet Bill Cannons By: Twisted4932
The thumbnail shows all the items from this submission. For everyone who doesn't know, this is inspired by the smb2 autobombs.
Downloads: 352
Added: 05/04/22
[DL] SMAS SMB2 Airship Tileset By: Twisted4932
It's just a wooden airship, with the main elements like slopes, semisolids, etc. Also it includes some animated propellers and "pipes". Don't forget to give credit.
Downloads: 573
Added: 04/15/22
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