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Well. I am fully in agreement with everyone who says this is a bad, bad, bad rip (also, I don't even remember making it, haha... it might be older than 2003, even).

Had I known about this, I would have declined the heck out of it (they apparently didn't take away my staff privileges yet, for some reason. ;P). Don't get me wrong, I think you're doing a great thing with these conversions, but... some things just kinda need to stay in the past. Haha.

There are some actually useful libs for you to convert, though, and I hope to see you continue this project into the future! However, should you convert any of mine, I would humbly ask that you please omit my name, for nowadays I refuse to take credit for rips of somebody else's work. Things were quite different back when this was from, as has been well established!
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No, I made it. Don't make me slap you with a Cheep Cheep. ;P

Great game Thunder Dragon. I completed the original Toad Strikes Back. How do i get a mushroom coin on Volcanic Panic level?

Pay close attention to the walls in the background -- one is a slightly different color. Blast it. ;)

also i think i found a glitch, I searched everywhere for the special coin in fish flight but I just can't find it, is that a glitch or did i miss something

Green Yoshi has a flutter jump. He can go quite far with it. I'd suggest you'd try it out. ;P
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It would seem that the "dead cheese man" is alive and well after all! And hey, I'm almost inclined to call this crazier than Waligie... maybe! ;D
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Hold the button down longer to take bigger swimming strokes - just like you would when jumping. ;)
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Quote (superdimentiobros on Dec 13 2011, 12:59 AM)
Can someone please tell me what the boss stage theme is from?

Snow levels from Donkey Kong Land.
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The second map theme comes from WarioWare: Twisted (the Stumblebot theme). The water theme comes from the "Get in the Tea Cup" stage in Wario Land 2.

Can you release a full-game soundtrack?

No, because I don't want a bunch of games using the same music (that I edited and tweaked exclusively for this game). However, Yoshiman might release a soundtrack of the songs he made himself, although whether or not this happens is entirely up to him.
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If the Midas Machine programmer likes this game, I guess I'm doing something right, haha. ^_^; Thanks for the review, Guinea!
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Well, I do have just one more coming. ;)
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Quote (superdimentiobros on Nov 5 2011, 11:49 PM)
What's the underground theme a remix of? I know I've heard it before.
Also, are the boss theme and the "Soap Sud Kingdom" themes remixes?

Yes, all remixes:
Underground - Factory theme from Wario Land 2
Boss Theme - Final boss (first phase) from Wario Land 3
Soap Sud Kingdom - "Fire" from Game and Watch Gallery
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Glad you folks are enjoying it! Also, I'm VERY flattered that a tvtropes page was made - was kinda hoping someone would do that, haha.
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Oh yeah, I remember your previous review-- particularly your oh-so-accurate analysis of Psycho Iris way back when. ;D But yeah, thanks for the review(s)!
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"Embarrassed Nintendo?" Hahahaha, I don't know about that, but I'm glad you liked the game in any case!
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The final score doesn't NEED to be an average, or else the system would calculate the final score automatically. ;)

One bit with the second boss: you don't NEED to throw the part you ripped off the boss back at it - you can just jump on the capsule once it's exposed. That could make things a LITTLE easier, heh.

Anyhow, thanks for the review!
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Wait, there's a TSB reference? Am I missing something? 'Cause I only caught the references to Time Battle, Kittie Quest and Yoshi vs. Windows.
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There's nothing wrong with the controls-- you folks just need to work on your coordination or something. ;) The WASD/mouse layout is a common scheme found in many retail games, particularly first-person shooters. And I don't even LIKE first person shooters. ;P
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For what it's worth, I got quite a few good laughs out of here. We need more games with such outlandish concepts as this. =)
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Haha, I'd be flattered if you did. =)
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Quote (Pucifur on Aug 18 2008, 11:40 PM)
Actually it's quite boring.
Have fun!
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Quote (toodles_team on Feb 7 2008, 9:54 PM)
Also, why the sudden emergence of people disliking the way Bowser gets hurt? No one ever said a word about it in the demo, so I left it alone, and now, BOOM! Everyone hates it!

Heh... same case with TSB's camera. ;P
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Quote (smb3 man on Sep 21 2007, 11:13 AM)

btw: where are your staff icons?
I made up 'Start's yesterday. Phage's still needs to be made however (I believe he is doing it himself).

Hey T.D.
Haven't seen you in quite some time,
How ya been?

Been well enough, thanks. ^_^
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