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Quote (warioBoy94 on Jan 11 2020, 4:18 PM)
the giant Mario music is vegan world by callum corner.

Thank you!
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I'm a bit curious: What's the song used for when you're Giant Mario in level 1? I kinda like that.

I didn't beat the game just in case there's music credits in there. Level 4 put me off from playing to the end.
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Quote (Evan.F on Jul 12 2019, 8:04 AM)
How do I beat Bowser?

More than a month late, but to beat Bowser, you need to jump on him when he's currently not throwing a hammer.
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Quote (danylopez123 on Sep 19 2016, 12:48 PM)
Good job making this game, i had many trials and errors but i finally completed it, i liked it soo much that i made a walkthrough video for the ones who is in trouble.

So I watched this video of yours, and I saw that Pepsiman is actually impossible for me, as Yoshi does not throw eggs at all. How can I fix this?
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Quote (The Yak Smoker on Sep 18 2016, 1:27 PM)
Of course I know what it means! I just don't see how you can keep up with the other racers yet not crash into a wall. You can stay at 100-120 miles per hour but the racers still will zip by you with no friction what so ever.

If you go 100-120 MPH the entire race then it's no wonder that you lose each and every time. You have to go all out and only brake during the times it's required of you, which I have pointed out in my earlier comment.

EDIT: It took a while for myself to realize, but you can brake quickly by holding Ctrl, instead of just letting go of the acceleration.
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Quote (The Yak Smoker on Sep 17 2016, 1:52 PM)
I assume you probably passed the racing stage? BEATING THAT STAGE IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!! How on earth could you do something so inconceivable!?!?

If you scroll a little bit up, you can see the advice from the game's dev that helped me beat the level, but I'll paste it here for convenience:

"There are only two points in the track where you have to brake - the hairpin on the side opposite the start/finish line, and the first corner of the track (you can take it at full speed during the first lap when you're just getting up to speed, but you need to brake hard on the second lap). You should be able to take these corners at approximately 100-120 MPH. If you're going faster than that, you'll probably crash. "

It took me 3 tries still to beat the racecar level because of RNG bombs, but it was much more managable that way.
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So far the game is pretty nice and crazy, but I absolutely can't beat Pepsiman.

I can avoid the bouncy balls just fine, and I figured out the trick to avoiding the Canadian flags, but when I lick the Pepsi can and try to hurl it at his head, nothing happens.

I don't see Yoshi launching the can, and he doesn't go transparent like all the bosses before him did. I feel like I'm doing something wrong.
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I found it just a minute before you replied to my question, but thanks anyway.
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I'm liking this game, especially the custom music function. I changed basically every theme in the game to something different, and kept the original music in a separate folder.
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I have to say, this game is great. Level 4-3 is my favorite level.

By the way, I got stuck as Luigi in level 3-3. (I think)

It was the level with a warp pipe just past the checkpoint near a tree, with a small "pyramid" of ?-Blocks to the left. I jumped to the top of the pyramid, charged my super jump and jumped into the tree, past the invisible wall. I fell down, and was unable to get back up, even with super jumps. I had to wait for time to run out.
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This game is cool.

The hardest mission was beating that Ice Peak mountain with 70 jumps.

I cursed the game after like 50 tries. I challenged the mission next day and I solved that after 5 tries 0_o

Great game! I like the final boss battle.
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I beat the game without getting hit (except for Waluigi's insta-kill attack).

I got a score of 251,495 points.

Nice game, but please make it longer.
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Quote (mrmario on Mar 14 2009, 4:37 PM)
@ Arkatox:

Can your bro help meh with Ridley?

I beat him while hugging the left side of the wall and jumping to avoid his attacks.
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Nice game! I have already beaten the first 3 bosses.

EDIT: Now I beat all bosses, except for the last one.

EDIT2: Finally beat the secret boss, wasn't so hard afterall... Only have to get all 25 collectables, I have 21 already

EDIT3: Beaten the game fully. Was really hard.

and I glitched through the wall at one point. Right after I got the bomb and exited the room, I jumped through a wall, and jumping up because I thought it was a secret. But it seems like I glitched...
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Quote (DOODLEboy99 on Feb 21 2009, 8:19 PM)
Good job on this! It is pretty challenging. But once you play through the level a few times, you can get it. :P
Except level 8. I just can't beat level 8...ah, well. I'll pick it up again, later.

Level 8? Was that the space level? I found that one easy, beating it first try...

Just remember where you always die, or just big jump and speed up through this thing.

Oh yeah: level 10 is evil.
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I beat it in one playthrough.

Cool game, but way too hard, especially (sp?) the last level.
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This game is cool, but can we save there? I hate the fact that getting a Game Over closes the window, and then having to start all over again...
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Quote (Soiyeruda on Jan 31 2009, 2:15 PM)
Then be glad to know I can extend that into at least 5 paragraphs, so you won't need to.

I can smell sarcasm a mile away... >_>

I just meant that the game is really drugged up.
But fun.

I'm not starting a fight, no. (Why should I anyway? )
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O...K... That was pretty weird.

I can't say more to that.
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Nice sheet. =)

But it's everything you see when playing normally, so technically this sheet is incomplete.

You'd need to use an AR for the remaining animations, where Ashley's hair changes from black to grey.
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