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[DL] The ULTIMATE SMB3 Edits (WIP) v 1.2 By: RaymanFan1995
This is part of a SMB3 edits project I'm making. So far, it's just a few Mario sprites:

-15 frames from the SMB3 Tale Flash movie by 2nd Stamp
-17 poses from the World X-4 Flash movies by PsyCosis91 (in SMB3 style)
-45 poses ...
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Added: 03/10/12
[DL] Super Mario World: Mario and Luigi Edits By: RaymanFan1995
UPDATE: Now featuring Mario and some palettes! Palettes include:

-Essence of Fire (Luigi: Two Lights Hero)
-Maluigi (Luigi: Two Lights Hero)
-Arcade Mario (blue hat)
-Arcade Mario (red hat)/Mario TV
Downloads: 11296
Added: 11/28/10
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