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[DL] Babies Mario and Luigi in smb2 By: hdtv
Baby Mario and Luigi decided to join the fun in smb2. I found that making characters in smb2 was popular.

Update: I made them look more like Baby Mario and Luigi.
Downloads: 1246
Added: 03/09/18
[DL] Super Mario Land 2 Cape Mario By: hdtv
The cape in sml2.
It includes:
-Mario flying cape animation
-Bunny Mario flying cape animation
-Cape animations
Downloads: 2094
Added: 03/08/18
[DL] Random Super Mario Bros 3 Custom Animations By: hdtv
Here are some smb3 Mario animation that I made. All of them now have white in their eyes. There is also the sub and airplane from Super Mario Land. The animation are all for big Mario.
Downloads: 1733
Added: 03/07/18
[DL] Super Mario Bros 3 Poses In Super Mario World By: hdtv
Super Mario Bros 3 Poses In Super Mario World
It includes small Mario, super Mario, and fire Mario's shoot animation.
Tell me if you use it.
Downloads: 2462
Added: 03/06/18
[DL] My Mario Animations By: hdtv
Here are some mario enemy animations that I made by myself. If you want to see other enemies tell me which ones. Maybe I can make a part two...
Downloads: 1229
Added: 03/03/18
[DL] Super Mario World things in Super Mario Land. Ver. 2 By: hdtv
This time I changed the thwomps, added flower for the wiggler, falling galoomba, bob-omb, different things for the clown car, and added jumping plant.
Downloads: 1811
Added: 02/07/18
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