Bowsette Jr.+Lessons (DK Jr.+Jr. Lessons ROM Hack)
By: Kazufox
Taking a combination of the Bowsette Jr. and Math ROM Hacks into a mixed sample of both. This version is based on the limited Japanese released game DK Jr. + Jr. Lessons now in Bowsette Jr. format.

Contains 1st and 4th Bowsette Jr. levels and Math lessons. Press Select to return to the Title Screen. Bowsette Jr. main game does not have a pause feature, due to the original game using the Start to take you back to the Lesson Course Select screen for the Math game.

To play the math games, climb the chain under the blinking white box then climb up or down to pick a digit between 0-9. Move to the next chain left or right to enter your answer. The "?" is for help providing the answer, does NOT count as solving the problem.

Some changes include:
-Replaced DK and DK Junior with Bowsette and Bowsette Junior respectively.
-Changed title screen
-Changed items to MechaKoopas, Bomb-ombs, and Koopa shells
-Replaced all enemies based on Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
-Reworked tilesets
-Replaced Mario with Toadette
Completion: Full Game Hack Type: Cosmetic
Base ROM: OTHER (Please Specify) Region: Japan (NTSC)

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