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[DL] Super Mario Bros 3 Pipe Sheet By: red
Just SMB3 pipes. Mostly ripped, some are edited.
Downloads: 1072
Added: 12/26/16
[DL] Super Mario Bros 3 Cave Tileset Rip By: red
It's the cave tiles from my SMB3 Ultimate Tileset sheet. I made this because I think this is better than having all tiles in one sheet.

PS: I'm gonna add the rest of the tiles too.
Downloads: 684
Added: 12/09/16
[DL] SMB3 16-bit Ultimate Tileset Sheet 2.0 By: red
This time I did the SNES version. No credit needed, but would be appreciated but give credit for Nintendo. :D remember its not done yet.
Downloads: 1648
Added: 09/18/16
[DL] Ultimate SMB3 Tilesets Sheet By: red
Okay It Is Done for now If i forgot some of the tiles let me know and if you want me to make another rip sheet of some mario game let me know Ps: i know that there is lot of blank space but im gonna add something there later if i feel like it
Downloads: 1419
Added: 08/25/16
[DL] Ultimate SMB3 Map Rip Sheet v2.1 By: red
Includes only World 1 & world 2 for now. I will rip all the rest when I have more time.

I know this sheet is not a lot, but maybe someone can find a use for them.

P.S.: Check out my SMB3 tileset sheet if you want. :)
Downloads: 1106
Added: 08/04/16
[DL] Mega Pipe Pack 1.5 By: red
Pipes of all different colors!
New: item pipes & small pipe corners

If you want me to add anything, let me know!
Downloads: 1345
Added: 03/27/15
[DL] Super Mario Bros Super Toad Sheet By: red
Now with better colors for fire and ice toads and better small toad. If you have any ideas what I should do next you can tell me in the comments, but cat toad, hammer and racoon toad will be in the next update. give credit for red and AwesomeZack
Downloads: 2429
Added: 07/08/13
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