Review Information
Game Reviewed ShyGuys World, by super shyguy
Review Author PurpleKoopa
Created Aug 20 2004, 2:36 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Many first submitted games suffer from the default engines that have bugs. This is one of them. It also has other points of stupidness. Well, at least I think it's a default engine, but anyways...
Pros - Yeaaaah...Pros my butt!
Cons - Many bugs (where's the spray?) - Enlarged backgrounds - Overload of enemies - Huge window screen
2 / 10
Shyguy jumps across not-very-well-constructed levels, getting scratched multiple times on hordes of enemies when he was only hit once. The gangs of no-goods are huge, so this masked friend will have to hop carefully...while he waits quite a while. And when he's done for, he's done for, no extra lifes or anything of the sort. Our hero also starts out rather slow, but then can run a bit. But the bad thing is if he jumps, he loses all that precious speed. Pathetic.
4 / 10
Well, the sprites are okay. Many from YI, so they look a bit overused...but that's okay. The backgrounds are also from YI, but they're enlarged! Ugly, ugly, ugly. The title screen is pretty dumb looking, and the grammar...Bah! And finally, bad cutscenes. (It is something you see, so it goes into graphics!)
6 / 10
Your standard sounds and tunes. Ho hum.
1 / 10
No...with this terrible of a game, replay value does not exist.
Final Words
3 / 10
A poorly but together game with lots of bugs. My calculator gives me the average of 3.25...Let's round down.

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