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Game Reviewed ShyGuys World, by super shyguy
Review Author JoeyTheTerrible
Created Aug 20 2004, 9:10 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This reminds me of Waligie; Ridiculously impossible because this fangame maker has absolutely no concept of jumping, running, or other gameplay physics. The ShyGuy princess is kidnapped and I can't say I care.
Pros Yoshi's Island graphics are pretty. Music is good.
Cons Story sucks, dialogue sucks (or at least the only dialogue I could get to), first level is almost impossible because controlling your character is impossible.
2 / 10
Sucks. The physics are TERRIBLE and the jumps are impossible to actually accomplish without dying. Running is like so: Heeerreee Iiiii ggoooo rreaaalllyyy sslllooowWWHOOAA HEREIGOREALLYFASTWOOSHOVERSHOOTTHEJUMP These jumps are also impossible because of the fact that the moving platforms suck, badly. And they're usually over large pits of spikey guys. And when you hit a spikey guy, you usually land on top of it and then stay on top of it. There is no OUCH graphic, you're not invincible for two seconds, you instantly lose one life after another without absolutely any delay. Because this was impossible, my friend Rage had to EDIT the game so he can see the second goddamn level, like so: One of the levels, I heard from Rage, you control a flying Shyguy. When you push right, you BLAST THE FREAK OFF to the right. And usually into an enemy. And in this level, when you get hit, your life meters goes out of control. And when you go down one of the pipes in the second level, you land RIGHT IN FRONT OF A LANTERN GHOST, which you obviously get hit with, and die from. Because this game sucks. Oh, and you don't regain health when you beat a level.
9 / 10
The graphics are pretty, no doubt about that. All ripped from Yoshi's Island. All of the animations are also intact and complete. Not much to say here. These graphics are put together better than a lot of other fangames.
5 / 10
There is next to no sound, except for coins and maybe going down a pipe but I only reached one once so I don't remember. Probably jumping too but I've tried jumping so many times that I think the sound just turned into the static of ANNOYANCE IN MY BURNING BRAAINNNNNN. When you get hit there's no sound. Thank lord, because that happens so much that if there was sound, it would burn my speakers. The music is a good selection. It's never overwhelming.
1 / 10
I replayed this over fifty three thousand two hundred ninety six point three times, because I was determined to beat the first screen. Other than that, none.
Final Words
2 / 10
This is a spinoff of Waligie 2, starring the character "Frank This-Game-Is-Impossibleinsky."

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