Review Information
Game Reviewed ShyGuys World, by super shyguy
Review Author Yoshimaster
Created Aug 21 2004, 3:57 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
First of all, when the words "My first Mario game!!!!" appear in big, bold, red font on the intro screen, you know the following game experience will be anything but good. Of course, that's what happens with this game.
Pros Controllable shyguy; semi-interactive levels
Cons Just about everything else
2 / 10
Gameplay? Sorry, I don't see any. The game consists mainly of jumping from platform to platform while avoiding path movement enemies. The life system is horrible, painfully similar to the one in Mario's Rescue, only the number of lives you get are smaller. Oh yes, like many first games, the window size is 640x480, a ridiculous size considering most of the gameplay takes place on the bottom 1/3 of the screen. This means there will be lag when it scrolls.
7 / 10
The graphics are decent, although the words in cutscenes are sometimes hard to see. There are a few neat little effects, like the screen going gray when you get a Game Over.
6 / 10
The music fits its purpose in each level. Sound effects are few and far in between, though.
1 / 10
You'll probably play until you reach the inevitable "Game Over" screen. After that, it's unlikely you'll ever pick it up again.
Final Words
2 / 10
This game brilliantly combines the bad aspects of previous MFGG bombs. I'm sure you'll recognize them when you play it.

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