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Game Reviewed ShyGuys World, by super shyguy
Review Author Ashurasonic
Created Dec 18 2004, 2:58 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
What the hell happened here? The user literally ABUSED the platform movement and made the game almost impossible to beat. Thank goodness the CCA is open source. Because the diffuclty in this game is ridiculous. If you know the principles of the outdated movement sheme, then this will be some sort of challenge. I guess.
Pros - Organized graphics - The sprites are not heavily pixelated. Thank goodness... - Neat little transition when you get a game over.
Cons - Mediocre level design - Lives system is very sub-par - Too damn hard for it's own good. - Window is too big
2 / 10
UGH. Where can I start? Oh yeah, the lives engine is bad, the physics are bad, the level design is bad, almost everything is bad in this game. The lives system is bad, because when you get hurt, there is not OUCH SFX, and without any delay to get out, you die almost all the time by this. Also, the level design is so mediocrely put together that it makes first grade artists seem proffesional at something. In fact, the game is impossible to beat if you are a newbie to fangaming. Why? The old platform movement built in. If you played alot of old fangames, then you might recognize that they have the same movement engine. Although the collision is almost flawless, it feels like walking in goo unless used correctly. This is a perfect example of how to NOT use it. It simply isn't up for the level design. Also, the movement customization is ridiculous. You start off slow, and then after a few seconds you reach top speed, but when you jump, you lose all your speed when you land. Although some users (like me) are used to this kind of dilemma, it's two things that don't mix. In a nutshell: Poorly customized movement + Mediocre level design = Something that is tedious to play.
6 / 10
All Yoshi Island sprites, but they are meshed together nicely and you don't see that in many first fangames. Also, they aren't heavliy pixelated, so that saves the score DRAMATICALLY. But it's everything you saw and saw again. The HUD is nice, though. Everything else, like the introduction and story frame is just ugly and effortless. Basically, it burned my eyes. That's why it's recieving one score down. The cutscenes aren't that good either.
4 / 10
Not a very good selection of SFX. It's your typical Mario sounds. If it was used in every action you recieved I would rate it a 6, but the in-game sound is very limited to a few SFX. Also, the music is nothing new. It would have recieved a 5, but due to the very few sounds present in the game it gets one point down.
3 / 10
This game is bad, but it seems that when you die, you just want to try again, but keep dying. Like cigarettes. Hell, you might play it 7987329871 times to beat the first level for crying out loud. Ironically, this would give it an 8, but once you exit you won't play it again. So it goes down all the way to ugly 1, but with the ridiculous addiction to beating the level brings it up by 1 point only.
Final Words
3 / 10
Not for the faint of heart.

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