Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Mario Flashback - SAGE/NCFC 2020 Demo, by Mors
Review Author Francis T. Toad
Created May 15 2022, 4:26 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game is AMAZING! The visuals, the music, the gameplay, it's a perfect mix of 2D platforming and 3D mechanics!

As a plus, it's made in GameMaker studio, which is pretty limiting in my opinion.
Pros Great gameplay, great visuals,.great audio.
Cons It's very short. I can't wait for the final release so I can play it in full without any level repetition.
10 / 10
Great gameplay. It plays like a perfect Mario game. I like the mix of traditional platforming and the health system from galaxy or odyssey.
10 / 10
The artwork is really nice. The animation is smooth and the sprite work always fits. My only complaint is that Mario looks a bit grumpy, but that doesn't change anything.
10 / 10
The sounds fit in the game perfectly. The music is masterfully composed and the sound effects work for their accompanying actions.
Final Words
10 / 10
This game is an amazing tribute to the entire Mario series and I cannot wait for the final version to be released.

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