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Game Reviewed Super Mario Boom, by Hypernova
Review Author Mors
Created Apr 22 2016, 9:23 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Spoiler warning!
Pros + It's a jokegame, WITH ACTUAL GAMEPLAY!
+ Dat music tho
+ Explosions.
+ Looks neat.
+ Having randomly generated levels is a good idea.
+ Explosions.
+ The death screen.
+ Explosions.
+ Explosions.
Cons - For a joke game, it's not that funny.
- Physics.
- Mario is 2slow.
7 / 10
Unlike what the screenshot and description suggests, this is not a fangame based on MarioFan1122's "Mario Boom" game idea. No no no, this is totally different.
This is basically a Mario fangame with tons of explosion.

Everything explodes in this game, enemies, coins, bricks, even Mario himself! Yeah, the joke gets old really quickly, but these explosions never annoy or bother you. And the level design is... well.. different. That's because this game has randomly generated levels! Tell me this is not unique.
But, there's a major problem. Physics. The physics are pretty bad in this game. Mario loses all of his momentum when you let the directional keys go. That's not good for a Mario platformer, believe me. And Mario just walks too slow, but you get used to it quickly.
7 / 10
SMA4 style.

It's done pretty well though, and there are some high quality effects like lens flare and EXPLOSIONS. They are clashing a little bit, but I dunno I still liked them.
8 / 10
I'm not 100% sure but I think the music are custom SMW music from SMWCentral, and I love them. They just sound really great.
The sound effects are also great. While some of them are pretty generic, some of them are kinda unique.
7 / 10
This game randomly regenerates levels by putting different level pieces together ,so there isn't much variety. But hey, it's still better than nothing!
Final Words
7 / 10
I wish everyone stopped making joke games with bad graphics and no actual gameplay. This is the future.

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