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[DL] SMAS SMB1 Custom World Map Tileset By: Crafink
A custom world map in the style of SMB1! Includes the 6 terrain types from SMB3, player sprites, new and restyled map decorations, and background elements from the levels as scenery. Credit is appreciated, and further credit is listed on the sheet.
Downloads: 1971
Added: 04/15/22
[DL] SMB2 Misc. Enemies and Objects By: Crafink
I remade a handful of elements from the Mario series in the SMB2 art style. There are Question blocks, Goombas, Koopas, Thwomps, switches, and more. I may update this sheet with more sprites in the future. Credit is very appreciated!
Downloads: 1800
Added: 11/19/21
[DL] SMB1 & SMW Pipeland Theme By: Crafink
I like how Mario Maker 2 used SMB3's pipeland world for its forest theme, but it made me wonder how it would look as its own separate theme, so I made custom versions for the other styles! I gave SMB1 an industrial look, and I designed SMW like a ...
Downloads: 1887
Added: 07/07/21
[DL] 16-bit SMB1 Ashen Theme By: Crafink
Based on 6-3 of SMB1. NOTES: The custom ground palette looks kind of ugly on pipes, so I suggest using the standard green pipes with this theme
Downloads: 1922
Added: 08/17/20
[DL] 16-bit Lost Levels Revamps By: Crafink
Most of the SMB1/TLL sprites in All-Stars are made from scratch, but I remade the sprites styled specifically after SMB1 to be styled after TLL instead
Downloads: 2259
Added: 08/17/20
[DL] 16-bit SMB1 Autumn Theme By: Crafink
Based on 8-2 of The Lost Levels; comes with tiles, backgrounds and custom palettes
Downloads: 1597
Added: 08/15/20
[DL] 16-bit SMB1 Snowy Athletic Backgrounds By: Crafink
Based on 3-3 of The Lost Levels; comes with backgrounds and custom palettes
Downloads: 2013
Added: 08/14/20
[DL] 16-bit SMBDX You VS. Boo Sprites By: Crafink
The sprites from SMB Deluxe's You VS. Boo race mode in All Stars style. This sheet comes with the 4 Boo variants and the switch tiles. Credit not required to use but would be appreciated
Downloads: 1872
Added: 08/13/20
[DL] 16-bit SMM SMB1 Doors By: Crafink
A simple sheet I haven't seen anyone else do yet. This sheet comes with the 3 door variants from Mario Maker, Weird Mario easter egg poses and custom color palettes. enjoy!
Downloads: 1292
Added: 08/12/20
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