MFGG turns 19 years!
Jul 9 2020, 5:42 PM

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Today is July 9th, 2020.

Which means that this wonderful site turns 19 years since it was founded by Thunder Dragon.

For only today, everyone that wishes MFGG happy birthday on this topic here will receive a shiny badge:

And now let's celebrate with this update here

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Generations (Feedback Demo 2.5)
[Platform] By Ostrich101
So since the game hasn't been worked on for like, many months now, I've decided to just put ...
Thumbnail Li'l Pac-Man
[Minigame] By Ryan Silberman
Created by Playskool in 2000, Li'l Pac-Man is a game intended for young audiences. As Pac-Man, you ...
Thumbnail Sonic the Hedgehog: Labyrinth Leakage
[Minigame] By VideoGameKid265
Dr. Eggman is trying to fill Labyrinth Zone with water using his new water generators, and now Sonic ...
Thumbnail The Legend of Zelda: Eternal Rain
[Adventure] By Toony
A game made for the week-long MFGG "Too Much Water" jam, with post-Jam patches for some bugs ...
Mario elements in the style of Hebereke/Ufouria By Guscraft 808 Beta 2.0
Hades Heart (Binding of Isaac style) By OmegaF.
Thanatos (Binding of Isaac style) By OmegaF.
Pokey (Binding of Isaac style) By OmegaF.
Kracko (Binding of Isaac style) By OmegaF.
Watinga (Binding of Isaac style) By OmegaF.
SMW - Volcano Tileset and Background By Linkstorm Z
Hoopa Unbound form (Binding of Isaac style) By OmegaF.
King Statue (Binding of Isaac style) By OmegaF.
Goomba / Kuribo in the style of Pokemon GameBoy By ShyGuyNo1
Items & Characters (The Binding of Isaac style) By OmegaF.
Generation 3 Pokemon (R/G/B Style) By OmegaF.
Bronto Burt By OmegaF.
Smb3 Toad world map sprites By 309846GB
SMW/Eartbound - Moonside Tileset By bonglorio
SMM2 Ghost House Theme (World Maker) By PixelMarioXP
Mario & Luigi (OneShot Style) By MaritoThePlumber
SMW/Kirby - Green Greens Tileset By bonglorio
Blake's Revamped Sprites - 1 By BlakeTehGreat, Evan.F,
Smb1 Bonus area Tiles By 309846GB
Watt By OmegaF.
Pokey By OmegaF.
Yoshi island Enemies By OmegaF.
Smb1 Bonus area Tiles (Night) By 309846GB
Jawful (Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga style) By OmegaF.
Lakitu By OmegaF.
Puff By OmegaF.
SMB1 SMB3 Theme By hdtv
SMW SMB3 Theme By Toy Bonnie
SMM - Chain-Link Fence By JumperK
Biddybuds By OmegaF.
Donkey Kong Custom Powerups By BullyWithAHat
SMM Series - Sumo Bro By Mariofan230
Spike By OmegaF.
Super Mario World enemies By OmegaF.
SMB3/SMA4 -PrincessCastle Tileset and a bit more By Linkstorm Z
SMA1/SMB2 - PlayerMario/ItemStuff Extended SMM2 By qamichele59
Sounds, Music
WarioWare: Twisted - Wario de Mambo MIDI By GamerInGeorgia

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