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Oct 2 2012, 4:22 AM See Page
Really good, but the bridge should be divided by background and foreground so that it can be placed properly in a game!
Nov 4 2011, 3:35 AM See Page
I had my brother editing the Goomba sprites... he did however, add a hint of a leaf on the head.

Actually, I don't entirely understand what you mean. Tanoombas are an enemy type from the Mario & Luigi series, which is exactly what my enemy type was based off of. Regardless of the classification in Super Mario 3D Land, they are essentially Tanoomba enemies that originated from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. I tend not to base my interpretations of pre-existing game elements on unreleased titles.
Jul 30 2011, 5:12 AM See Page
That be the case, I wouldn't be able to tell you what to do from there. It wasn't my url so...

Check the archives. I'm sure they've got it loaded into the Nintendo DS section by now.
Dec 29 2010, 6:19 PM See Page
haha, this is awesome.
Nov 29 2010, 5:11 PM See Page
Looks like my update made it!

Anyone that hasn't tried it should try it now. The controls have been readjusted to work better.
Nov 26 2010, 11:47 PM See Page
The controls have been altered in an update. I'm just waiting for it to be accepted. When I first submitted this, I guess I had gotten so used to the original controls that I forgot to fix them.

In the updated version you don't have to use Q, W, E, A or D. The Movement and Orb controls have been simplified to a right mouse click and left and right arrow keys.

Thanks for the review!
Nov 26 2010, 3:05 PM See Page
Well, I fixed a glitch and added some alternate controls, so I guess I'm just waiting for my update to make it through the queue!
Nov 19 2010, 9:43 PM See Page
Hm... I forgot that the A and D controls were only supposed to be temporary. For whatever reason while I was beta testing the game I needed to switch the controls over for a while. I guess I had gotten so used to that control scheme that I forgot I could go back to the arrow keys.

My only concern in moving back to the arrow keys is with the ability keys (Q, W and E) and the player's ability to cover all the controls, but then again, you solved that issue with the idea of just clicking a button to cycle through them.

In any case, I'll take that into consideration; thanks!
Nov 19 2010, 3:10 AM See Page
The whole mouse control thing probably made more sense four years ago when this was originally made...

The reason why you use the mouse is because it was a requirement by a competition I entered; that the game HAD to use mouse control. So, I did the best I could to work with it, and after a few years I built again into this.

I don't think this will be one of my best games, but I did what I could with the concept! Thanks for the feedback!
Mar 9 2009, 10:12 PM See Page
I like how everyone is expected to understand exactly what the whole thing is about. It's not like all of these people are 100% intact with all of your inside jokes.

With that in mind, that doesn't mean everyone is supposed to laugh at it, much less actually find it funny.
Feb 27 2009, 12:39 PM See Page
I wouldn't care, but the Hawk Mouth is a Mario character/enemy/goal. If he appears in one Mario game (regardless of whether or not it's based entirely on another game) he is one.

I mean, I believe things like Birdo were used in Doki Doki Panic, but were adopted into the Mario series. Really DDP was a single game that never expanded into anything (except being made into a Mario game), so unless you're talking about characters exclusive to DDP, you're barking up the wrong tree.
Aug 26 2008, 4:06 AM See Page did submit this. It was just ignored until now. It helps if you read what the staff says during updates. :P
Aug 19 2008, 8:52 PM See Page
I'm not trying to be rude or anything. However, your insulting people is trying to pick a fight, whether you like it or not. You also just called multiple people names, which doesn't get very far either. Stop refusing to listen all the comments here.

No one here (so far) is trying to be rude, we're just trying to give you feedback. Our feedback isn't mean-spirited, it isn't even supposed to be insulting. You're taking it the wrong way.
Aug 19 2008, 8:14 PM See Page
Quote (DoctorWario on Aug 19 2008, 5:01 PM)
I don't pick fights with people, what makes no sense is people are getting mad because of my review.

You pretty much were open to a fight when you insulted someone not too long ago. That is picking a fight.

Also, if you want to write a decent review, you have to take some actual time to do it. You can't just decide to write a review and not put effort into it. Then it's not even worth it.
Aug 17 2008, 9:10 PM See Page
Code doesn't work in submissions/submission descriptions on the main site. It does work on comments though.

Also, I think Peardian submitted this using the forums, where code is used. It's just that no one edited out the code.
Aug 8 2008, 1:14 AM See Page
As much as they do look like the originals, they aren't terribly hard to shape either.
Jul 31 2008, 3:32 AM See Page
Even with the tutorials you'll need more practice. Once you do it a few times you'll get the hang of it and eventually become really good at it.

Pretty good (first?) attempt.
Apr 28 2008, 11:43 PM See Page
They're bigger than small Luigi and Mario. (Their sizes need to be more identical.) Wario also needs to be a bit more... portly.

The color choices aren't half bad though.
Mar 22 2008, 10:48 PM See Page
Dang it. The "[ i ][/ i ]" tags don't work. :/
Mar 22 2008, 1:38 PM See Page
The sheet is nice. I've never been a fan of picross games, but I know good sprites when I see them. I don't understand why anyone would call this useless.
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