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Super Mario 3D World Peach Voice By: RafaMario [W]
Princess Peach Voice from Super Mario 3D World Without looking every single file I just add 230 files to 1 wav file

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[O] Created: Jan 24 2016, 5:58 AM
[O] Updated: Never
[O] File Size: 18.16MB
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searingjet Jan 25 2016, 12:50 PM
Kind Of Useless Because Its One File
Great Rip Though!
Vitiman Jan 25 2016, 5:08 PM
It's fairly easy (if a bit tedious) to split an audio file nowadays. You could always skim through it using Audacity and cut out the sounds you need / want to use, simple as that :)
RafaMario Jan 26 2016, 12:55 AM
Thank you :)
ilikecereal449 Jan 30 2016, 4:54 AM
Umm... Sounds Resource has this and the other players too. And all the sound effects. Then again, they are all in individual files that are hard to find because of the way all the files are named weird... They are named how they are in the game's code, instead of being given names that tell you what the sound is for. Like "Super Bell Transformation" or "Power Up, Super Bell" or something.
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