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[DL] NES and GBA Artwork Accurate Ostro (8-Bit and 16-Bit) By: Ostrich101
You know those ostrich enemies from Super Mario Bros 2? Well their sprite work is very strange, so I made them look like their artwork appearances.

The NES one came from the manual, while the GBA one came from the artwork itself.

Downloads: 1168
Added: 09/20/19
[DL] SMM2 - Angry Sun and Moon Rips By: Ostrich101
Nobody ripped these yet, so I decided, why not I rip these myself.

The Moons may or may not be totally accurate to the game, and who knows if these are the final versions.

Credit to RandomTalkingBush for the SMW Mario in the thumbnail ...
Downloads: 1830
Added: 05/30/19
[DL] Super Mario Maker Custom Luigi, including a Ghost version. By: Ostrich101
Got bored and made a Luigi sprite, then i made a Ghost Luigi sprite based off the Smash Ultimate trailer for (SPOILER), then i decided to make this.

Give credit to Me, KingGeoshiKoopshi64, and Random Talking Bush.
Downloads: 2013
Added: 12/16/18
[DL] Costume Mario from Mario Maker with Sonic animations. By: Ostrich101
So i was watching a few videos from Level UP, and in some videos he has Mario use Sonic physics, so i decided to rip some and make my own. Some of these animations could also be used for non-Sonic stuff.
Downloads: 2420
Added: 12/05/18
[DL] SMB2 Modern Mario 16-bit By: Ostrich101
AwsomeZack was asked to do this years ago, but he never did it.
No one else made it either. Until NOW!!
Give Credit to me and AwsomeZack.
Downloads: 3208
Added: 03/19/18
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