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Game Reviewed Super Mario Gaiden (Demo), by radel999
Review Author Mors
Created Nov 25 2016, 11:25 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I didn't have any expectations when I started to play this game, but it seems like it's not as bad as I thought.
Pros + Okay level design.
+ Nice music and sound effects.
+ Doesn't look too bad.
Cons - Lack of variable jumping.
- Glitches and oversights that require you to restart the level.
- The last level is too difficult compared to others.
- Clashing graphics.
- Mapscreen feels unfinished.
6 / 10
The level design okay, I guess. It's a bit weird at some parts but I don't really think it's bad. Though, I think it's a bit too easy for a game called "Super Mario Gaiden". The last level of the demo is harder, though. Maybe a bit too hard compared to others. The physics are also kinda decent, but there's no variable jumping and that needs some getting used to. The running speed is also a bit slow, but that might be just me.
The biggest problem of the game (imo) is the glitches and oversights. I had to kill myself twice to be able to continue the game. Once when the spring teleported to the top of the pipe, and once when I found the warp zone. Yeah, the warp zone is unfinished, and once you go there you have to wait for the time to run out. Nice.
6 / 10
The game uses graphics from several different places, like SMW, SMB3, Shikaternia's tiles, Bews tileset etc. As you can guess, they don't look good together since they are not edited to fit a graphical style. But I don't think the game looks that bad, I mean the sprites that are used are pretty good individually, they just don't work together.
What looks bad is the mapscreen. It just looks and feels very unfinished, unfortunately.
7 / 10
The music and sound effects are all 8-bit. I usually don't like this in 16-bit games, but since I'm sick of overused SMB3 and NSMBW sound effect, I won't complain. They are great sounding too, but nothing outstanding.
3 / 10
The game doesn't really do anything to make you replay the game.
Final Words
6 / 10
Super Mario Gaiden is not a bad game at all, and I think it can become a great game later if its problems get fixed. But for now, I don't think it's worth checking out unless you don't have any other fangame to play.

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