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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. Dimensions, by LangtonLion64
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Created Feb 26 2015, 4:13 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
LangtonLion64 has brought us a little gem known as Super Mario Bros. Dimensions. Set after Mario defeats Bowser (so after Super Mario Bros. 3?), the main gimmick is the ability to switch between two dimensions per level, which add a whole lot of depth to what seems to be a normal level.

I played all the demos, so I was happy to hear the full version had been released. Letsa-go!
Pros - Gameplay is unique.
- Graphics look very Nintendo.
- Music is remixed.
- You can edit the soundtrack.
- Story is somewhat original.
Cons - Some music doesn't benefit well from the NES remix.
- Nothing else.
9 / 10
This plays almost exactly like the classics. The physics are near perfect, and the ability to switch between dimensions is great, and well implemented, and it isn't a gimmick that isn't thrown in your face. You don't have to use it, but it makes the gameplay a lot more deep and enjoyable. The fact there are 6 star coins per level make this a massive collectathon which some will enjoy, and some won't. I, personally, found it enjoyable. I don't like how, if you want to get 100%, you might need to play levels up to 3 times, but that's just me and my somewhat completionist quality inside me. I especially like the bonuses, like the card collection!
10 / 10
This looks gorgeous. In the "normal?" dimension, the graphics look like they were taken directly from SMB 3 (bear in mind I've only played worlds 1, 2 and 3). In the "alternate?" dimensions the graphics look new, yet they retain that Mario-esque quality. Even custom things, like the Bowser Bomb (the new level ending, which, is quite unique, and better than a generic flag or "?" orb) look like they haven't been custom made. It makes you feel very nostalgic, even for a fan-game. Things like the title menu look slightly out of place, but, they aren't the main focus of the game. Hell, even the title looks like Nintendo made it! They graphics are perfect!
9 / 10
Remixes of what appear to be newer Nintendo songs. I like it! They sound old, to fit with the whole "NES" aesthetic, and they do just that. They feel like they're from the NES, despite the fact I've already heard them before and know exactly what they are, and how they should sound! I especially like how you can replace the .ogg files if you want, to make the game feel personalized. Me, personally, I changed the boss theme, and that's it. I do feel like some of the music though, at times, doesn't really suit being remixed to sound like an NES track. But, still, great music!
10 / 10
The replay value is very high. You can try and get all the Star Coins (6 per level, 3 per dimension), and the Time and Coin medals (I assume they're called that), and get all the bonus cards. It reminds me of a time when achievements were worth something, and not just points that have no ulterior meaning. Besides, it's a true Mario game, it's obviously got replayability. However, once you do everything, there is no replay value. But since you won't be getting everything done quickly, there is quite a lot of content here, which is great.
Final Words
10 / 10
This is almost a Nintendo game. I couldn't tell the difference. Well executed, and actually deserving of the elusive 10/10.

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Feb 27 2015, 7:35 PM
Let me clarify:

"Title Screen" = Menu Select
"Title" = Title Screen
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Feb 27 2015, 8:10 PM

Isn't 10/10 is a little bit too much?
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Feb 27 2015, 10:09 PM
You might think it's too much, but I think it's the correct score, as this review is my opinion. You can think it's less, but from my play time with the game, I thought it was perfect. I was gonna give it a 9.5, but we don't have that option, so I rounded it.
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Mar 5 2015, 5:07 PM
A "10/10" does seem a bit too far...
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Nov 5 2016, 1:01 AM
I Would put a 9.5 or 9.0.
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