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Game Reviewed The Purple Coin - Batbro/Final Edition, by Miles
Review Author Ross64
Created Nov 15 2020, 9:30 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
For a game that's in the "Minigame" genre, this game isn't mini, but packed with content! The graphics are great, with beautiful texture work and the various colors of collector bro! Each stage has it's own alternate texture for the floors, walls, backgrounds, etc., but more on that later. The music fits the game so well, and is genuinely catchy (The Ruin song is my favorite). The levels are well designed and interesting. The whole idea of the game is very unique, and if you were wondering how good the physics are, they are some of the best I've seen in any Mario fangame.

Overall, this is my favorite fangame. It has so much content, and coupled with the gameplay modifiers, amazing stage-selection, and insane replay-ability, you should download this game. I would like to give it an 11/10, but that goes against the rules, so I just hope that the mods one day put this game in the MFGG Hall of Fame - Top 10 Games of MFGG.
Pros Amazing graphics, sound, gameplay, stage-selection, bonus features, voice-acting, etc.
Cons Glitch where if you slam a bro behind you into a wall, they could glitch through it and fall into a pit.
10 / 10
Great physics and overall fun and exciting gameplay.
10 / 10
Kind-of blurry, but in an adorable way - fits the game very well. Also, the Batbro sprite is precious!
10 / 10
The songs fit the levels very well, and the Ruin level song is my favorite!
Final Words
10 / 10
Download this game now, and you might just find your new favorite fangame!

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