Paper Mario Sounds By: Parakarry
A great collection of .wav sounds from Paper Mario, ripped by Parakarry.

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Nov 25 2006, 7:40 PM
Awesome !!
Now I have some sounds 4 my RPG !!!
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Apr 3 2007, 6:59 PM
This is great. It's just what I needed. Though there could have ben more sounds than that, like the coin sound, but it's still really great. I will probably use this for my game.
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Jun 25 2007, 2:54 PM
Just-a what I-a needed!
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Jul 23 2007, 3:58 PM
Quote (Mman)
Just-a what I-a needed!

You didn't have to do that.
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Giga Gamer
Aug 4 2007, 5:45 PM
Perfect! I need these.
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Aug 17 2007, 9:15 AM
Could someone add some paper mario music?
It would be great if i had final boss music.
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Jun 22 2008, 10:35 PM
Quote (Mman on Jun 25 2007, 2:54 PM)
Just-a what I-a needed!

its supposed to be "just what i needed!"

no -a in it
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Ryan PF
Oct 30 2008, 9:53 PM
No fuzzy jumping! :'(
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Quality Entertainment
Aug 21 2016, 12:12 AM
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