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[DL] SMW-styled Beep Blocks By: Astrakitu
Just a small, simple sheet I did where I recreate the Beep Blocks (or Blinking Blocks in Super Mario Maker 2) in SMW's art style. Partially based on their SMM2 versions, and includes 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, and 2x2 size blocks. Credit me if used.
Downloads: 1002
Added: 11/23/23
[DL] Dadish 2 Enuiga Corp Tileset By: Astrakitu
An organized, complete rip of the office tileset used in World 1: Enuiga Corp from Dadish 2. There are no extensions nor edits made. It also comes with additional palettes based on the alternate colors used in some Daily Dadish levels.

No ...
Downloads: 480
Added: 09/21/23
[DL] Daily Dadish Extended Glass Tubes Tileset By: Astrakitu
Ripped and extended versions of the glass tube objects seen in the indie game Daily Dadish by Thomas K. Young, which act like the Clear Pipes in Super Mario 3D World. This tileset was originally ripped and edited by me for SMBX2, but I've decided ...
Downloads: 423
Added: 09/21/23
[DL] SMW-styled CTTT Piranha Sprout By: Astrakitu
These are custom-made SMW-styled sprites of the Piranha Sprout enemy from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Originally made for my SMBX2 project, but I felt it'd be time to polish this up a bit with new animations and stuff for everyone to use in their ...
Downloads: 765
Added: 09/09/23
[DL] SMW Custom Toad House Kit By: Astrakitu
Hello! I'm here with a Toad House exterior and interior kit that is in the style of Super Mario World. I've originally created these for an SMBX2 episode I am working on as I noticed SMW was lacking in actual styled Toad Houses that are not just ...
Downloads: 1823
Added: 07/04/23
[DL] Kirby and the Forgotten Land - New World Font (8x8) By: Astrakitu
I've originally intended this to be for one of my ongoing passion projects, but I think this looks too good to be exclusive. Here's an attempted recreation of the font/typeface of the New World language seen throughout the entirety of Kirby and ...
Downloads: 674
Added: 05/27/23
[DL] SMW-styled Luigi's Mansion King Boo By: Astrakitu
Happy Spooky Month everyone! This is a simple sprite sheet I edited and resprited based on the Big Boo sprites from Super Mario World which brings King Boo into the SMW style! And this time, this is based on his design from Luigi's Mansion.

Downloads: 1332
Added: 10/10/22
[DL] SMW Extended Warp Pipes By: Astrakitu
A huge expansion on the Warp Pipes from Super Mario World, which is basically a follow-up to the SMB3 Extended Pipes (2022) sheet from this year. Included in this sheet are pipe expansions based on tiles from SMBX2, as well as small pipes, Clear Pipes ...
Downloads: 2179
Added: 07/02/22
[DL] SMW-styled Super Mario Odyssey Regional Coins By: Astrakitu
Today, for my SMBX GFX pack, I've decided to sprite some new SMW-styled versions of all Regional Coins from Super Mario Odyssey! Some of them are based on some of the 8bit Regional Coins from the game.

All sprites conform to the original ...
Downloads: 1500
Added: 02/12/22
[DL] SMAS SMB3 Extended Pipes (2022 Edition) By: Astrakitu
Hello everyone! This is a reboot of my SMB3 Extended Pipes sheet I made about six years ago. Given that my previous sheet was really bad especially with the pipe curves, I've decided to take the sheet and upgrade it to better standards, now featuring ...
Downloads: 2261
Added: 01/31/22
[DL] SMW-styled Bowser's Fury Pipe Path Tower By: Astrakitu
Here's Pipe Path Tower from Bowser's Fury, redrawn into the SMW-style all by myself! Give credit if used and do not steal!
Downloads: 2686
Added: 12/08/21
[DL] SMW SNES-styled NES Bootleg Tilesets By: Astrakitu
Yo everybody! It's me, Jaden1291 the Toad... and I'm back, just for a little bit! After dealing with Bowser's Fury and some college shenanigans, I've decided to work on something that deviates a bit from my usual tileset-extending schtick.
Downloads: 2838
Added: 08/31/21
[DL] SMW Extended Carrot Tiles By: Astrakitu
As frequently requested by people including Cheeyev - the carrot platforms as seen in some levels like Vanilla Dome 4 are now EXTENDED! Happy 2018 guys! Plants are also expanded upon, including small leaves that can be used as bushes or vines for decorative ...
Downloads: 3987
Added: 01/21/18
[DL] Super Mario Maker SMW Style: Extended Ghost House Crate (Checkered) Tileset By: Astrakitu
To make up for my absence, I decided on making an extension on one of the SMW tilesets that are exclusive to Super Mario Maker for Wii U and 3DS! This is the Ghost House Crate (Checkered) in the SMW style, extended by me! It also doubles as a bonus tileset, ...
Downloads: 3910
Added: 06/01/17
[DL] Super Mario World Extended Mushroom Platforms Tileset By: Astrakitu
"I think I put too much Fungi Growth Formula..."
Hey guys, I'm back on MFGG again! Sorry for the huge lack of activity there. I was on the Geometry Dash community since early 2015. Did you miss my extended tileset making career? Well, ...
Downloads: 4197
Added: 04/08/17
[DL] SMB3 Extended Desert Maze Pipes Tileset By: Astrakitu
So on June 21, 2015, this tileset was worked on. And then it suddenly gone AWOL. Then I picked up on this tileset again a year later, and I decided to finish it off! Anyway, this ...
Downloads: 4051
Added: 04/26/16
[DL] SMB3 Extended Pipes Tileset By: Astrakitu
UPDATE 03/31/16: Missing mini pipe corner block tiles added. Redownload to get the update!
Jaden1291 is back! And with another...EXTENDED TILESET? "NOT AGAIN!" you would have said. But this is an expansion of the SMB3 Pipes and their corner ...
Downloads: 5225
Added: 03/25/16
[DL] SMA4:SMB3 Extended Block Sizables By: Astrakitu
I must admit, this is one of the weirdest but useful extended tilesets that I did! They are based on the block sizables seen in Grass Land and Desert Land. An additional palette allows you to recolor the tiles to what they were like in the Super Mario ...
Downloads: 4998
Added: 06/05/15
[DL] SMW Extended ! Block Tileset By: Astrakitu
Tired of those ! block clusters? Here's an extended ! Block tileset for use on replacing ! block clusters. I also added small switches, switch wiring, and expanded dotted-line tilesets in case you need them! If you need other colors, use the palette ...
Downloads: 4923
Added: 05/21/15
[DL] SMW Expanded Sign Sheet By: Astrakitu
I've been working on this over several days, and finally it's here...presenting the SMW EXPANDED SIGN SHEET! Features include: 8-directional arrow signs, straightened-up signs, a Sign tileset for creating your own billboards, the ? sign from ...
Downloads: 4476
Added: 05/03/15
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