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[DL] Lycan's Custom Enemies By: LycanSeijin
My smallest submission yet, here are some miscellaneous enemy sprites I whipped up and wanted to show off. The most notable one I came up with a few years ago; A new giant fish resulting from Bowser crossbreeding Porcupuffers with Big Berthas to create....Big-Puffa? ...
Downloads: 1116
Added: 05/08/20
[DL] Ultimate 8-Bit Mario Brothers By: LycanSeijin
Someone liked the style in which I did 8-bit Toad so much that they requested I do Luigi. Then I thought "Why not do both brothers and make it a 1 stop shop?" So here you have it: SMB3 Mario & Luigi with their appropriate body types, proper ...
Downloads: 2135
Added: 05/04/20
[DL] Ultimate 8-Bit Toadette By: LycanSeijin
As promised, Toad's best girl and racing partner done in the SMB3 style with all the abilities of the 8-bit era. I gave her Peach's pallet from SMB2 so she'd fit right in on the NES. Credit goes to Random Talking Bush for the original rips, ...
Downloads: 1021
Added: 05/03/20
[DL] Ultimate Modern Mario Bros. By: LycanSeijin
Okay, yes. This has been done before ad nausium. But, it's never been done this thoroughly before, nor has anyone been able to figure out that Mario & Luigi's modern pallet was established in SMAS. So here it is, the only 16-Bit Mario Bros. sprites ...
Downloads: 2334
Added: 04/29/20
[DL] Ultimate 8-Bit Toad By: LycanSeijin
I couldn't very well leave all you 8-bit fans hangin'! A fully expanded SMB2 style Toad with colors and poses from SMB3 and SMM2 You'll notice a major lack of animations for small Toad, but he's so wee in this style there isn't much ...
Downloads: 1048
Added: 04/27/20
[DL] Modern Toad By: LycanSeijin
I'm probably one of the few unironic Toad fans out there, and decided to show my love by making a sprite sheet with his modern color scheme. Using LegendTony's sheet as a base and combining it with the pallet of the new 16-bot Toad sprites from ...
Downloads: 1954
Added: 11/24/19
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