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[DL] SMAS - Autumn Tileset and Background By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
Something a little different
Downloads: 246
Added: 01/24/20
[DL] SMAS - Space- Tileset By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
I only did the Tileset and pipe
Downloads: 245
Added: 01/23/20
[DL] SMW SnowMountain Tileset By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
Well I dared to make a more Tilesets
Downloads: 328
Added: 01/19/20
[DL] NSMB - Mario Raccoon / LuigiFox Power Up By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
These are some Mario and Luigi base sprite, there are tail and ear designs for future use for sprites
Downloads: 741
Added: 12/17/19
[DL] SML2 - PlayerLuigi Extended SMM2 By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
A Luigi design that I made a few weeks ago, with height difference and adapted as best as possible
Downloads: 693
Added: 11/26/19
[DL] SML2 Player Mario Extended SMM2 By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
An advance on a request that someone asked me for ... I'll show Luigi's sprites later.
Downloads: 815
Added: 11/19/19
[DL] SMAS - Toad and Toadette PowerUps By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
An extended version of Johnnie Walker2005 sprites
With some extra power-Ups: Hammer, Raccoon, Ice

Give credits if they use it
Downloads: 1215
Added: 11/05/19
[DL] SMAS Sky Tileset By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
Designed the best that I could do, from SMM2 Sky SMB, Except slopes
Downloads: 1140
Added: 10/30/19
[DL] Waluigi in Wario Land 2 By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
And the last one related to WL2..Maybe(?
Downloads: 668
Added: 10/22/19
[DL] Luigi in Wario Land 2 By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
Now it was Luigi's turn to have his WL2-style Sprites ... And also with the extras power-Up Fire and Winged Shoe

Coming soon Waluigi on WL2
Downloads: 1191
Added: 10/18/19
[DL] Hammer Luigi Power-Up SMAS By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
Hammer Luigi Power-Up SMAS, based on the my design HammerMario, I made this design and its color palette ... with the AirSpin and WallJump sprites
Downloads: 654
Added: 10/13/19
[DL] Super Mario Bros 3-SMA4: Classic Castle an other objects By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
Based on the Castle tiles in SMA4 I adapted the design for the Castle, and other things, Skewer, Galoomba,LockDoor, Bumper, Bowser jr. (Readapted color)
Downloads: 1205
Added: 09/15/19
[DL] Layer 3 Background Castle - Super Mario World By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
Ripped and Little Extended
Downloads: 757
Added: 09/13/19
[DL] Brick Blocks, Castle and other objects By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
This is a compilation of some Tiles Sprites that I made: SMB Castle (Including Snow and CastleTheme version), AwesomeZack Mario Giant's Extra Sprites, Tiles Volcano, the Brick Blocks, Enemies with Sunglasses(BeachTheme), the LightBlock ... and some ...
Downloads: 1334
Added: 08/18/19
[DL] Hammer Mario Power Up - SMAS By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
Something different this time .. because in Super Mario Bros (does not have the same order of colors in his suit) I made this color palette for Hammer Mario
Downloads: 1158
Added: 06/25/19
[DL] Mario in Wario Land 2 By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
A small adaptation of Mario for the game of Wario Land 2
  Big Small and extra: Fire and Winged Shoe
Downloads: 1541
Added: 06/21/19
[DL] Toad Super Mario Bros 1 (16 bits) By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
Designed as well as possible so that the graphics of walking and jumping are well adapted
And with some extra sprites
Downloads: 1765
Added: 10/23/18
[DL] Custom SMW Extended Toad Sheet V.2 (AwesomeZack original design) By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
A re-edit of the Toad of AwesomeZack .. Taking advantage of the amount of colors that can be had at most in each SMW character
Downloads: 1881
Added: 07/01/18
[DL] Normal Wiggler and Grinder SMW style Yoshi Island By: Linkstorm Z [E] [W]
A design that takes advantage in making ... adapted design for Yoshi Island
Downloads: 1347
Added: 06/05/18
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